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Contact Netmajic, 612.581.0332, for an entertaining and enlightening chat about how website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing and Internet marketing can help your bottom line.

How Visual Basic Custom Software Works 
You have the unique need and a computer can crunch the data. Now you need an interface between you and the computer. Custom Visual Basic software using an Access database is that interface. It is a mature technology. And isn't that exactly what you want for your company important inner workings.

How Internet Marketing Works 
Search engines make their income by selling ad space. When someone clicks your ad, you pay the going rate click fee. Generally, you do not pay unless they click your ad.
Running an ad campaign allows you considerable flexibility as to displaying for search queries, time of day, day of week, time of year, budget size, geographic area and more. You can obtain considerable information on how your campaign is working with conversion factors and more. Ad Campaigns can be very effective. If you want to be in the top of page of the first page, with the right click fee budget, you will be there right now!

How Websites Play
This web site,, is designed using responsive web design techniques.
A one code fits all screens. Have fun and re-size your browser. Watch the web site re-size itself based on the width of the screen.
Today, where smart phones are growing in use, your web site needs to scale to meet the view. Responsive web design scales from Smart phones to Tablets to PC to TV screens.

How Websites Work
Your website and it's corresponding navigation is your digital brand. Your digital employee.
It must portray your brand with every keystroke, from the content to the media. It must be correct, truthful, and thereby deliver your brand promise. Just as you do every time you interact with your customers, employees and shareholders.
In the true spirit of the Internet, supply information as only your company can, and they will find you and come back.

Being found on the Internet is entirely in your control.  
   Call me for an entertaining and enlightening chat about spider food, tweets, and does your web presence have enough!

How Social Marketing Works 
   Social Media sites encourage socializing. People socialize. Customers socialize. They research, ask questions, review, recommend, give opinions, state desires, talk about the industry and, most of all, talk about your company, products and services. 
   Are you listening? Are you giving them accurate information? Are you answering their questions? Are you socializing? Are you willing to ignore them or, worse yet, let your competition answer for you? Now are you too proud to Tweet?

How Search Engines Work
   Search engines want your website to be found for the correct search phrase. 
   Your goal is to “Be Found” on the most popular search engines for the correct phrase your potential customers are using to seek your services.
   The current goal for companies is to be found on Google’s, Yahoo’s and BING’s First Page.
   Search engine service is a competitive business.  Search engines use proprietary software to crawl the web constantly evaluating websites and placing them according to their own secret formulas.  These proprietary software programs are called “Spiders”.  When the Spider visits your site, it is looking for the keywords that describe your business.  The Spider also finds links to your website from other websites which currently Spiders count as your popularity.  Keywords and inbound links are called “Spider Food” in the industry.
   The website with the most “Spider Food” wins and places higher with that Search Engine called your “Page Rank”.

Netmajic is a technology company, celebrating 18 years in business and over 30 years of experience.  Netmajic offers website design, mobile web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media training, Internet marketing, software development, and technology consulting.
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