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If you haven't heard, Thor is now streaming! Just one of many Superheroes coming to Netflix this summer, including Captain America, Conan the Barbarian, Immortals, and Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.
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Awesome! Love the Avengers movies.
Its only on Neflix of USA? Because that movie doesnt appear on my netflix
Sweet! Nice to see some new, good movies (with the exception of Transformers) added to the rotation!
That's what I'd already enjoy it, since last night. 
can't wait for it to be on Brazilian Netflix! Would be nice to have Netflix in France, too bad for the stupid streaming laws :(
Watched it just the other evening on my tablet. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks +Netflix
Its good to see Netflix inking new deals with distributors, even if it is second party distributors like the cable channel "EPIX". Starz worked pretty well for them till that expired.
NICE!  Now we just need Captain America.
Nice Thor was decent I already got the dvd but sometimes you can be so lazy that you stream just not to go look for the dvd
wait Netflix, that's a movie we've actually heard of!  This isn't like you...
I'd have to agree with +Lee Jarratt there at the top. If +Netflix  supported Linux, I might consider getting rid of my +Hulu Plus subscription. With the way things stand now, with no Linux support in sight, I've been thinking of going the other direction, Especially since Hulu Plus is FINALLY available on the Wii!
+Omar nieves I hear you man. I have plenty of movies on DVD but since they are on Netflix i hardly use the DVD.

+Netflix How about putting the new Batman movies up for streaming. Also Idiocrocy on streaming too please.
And Natalie Portman yum yum
Hey +Netflix how do i access to the stream manager in the new web player?????????????
they r making a second no lies, go to disney channel .com and click on movies, then click on new and upcomin
It's about time netflix updated their movie list with some current movies.
I have found some gems on Netflix Animal Factory is awesome. What annoys me about netflix is that it has movies in the new release catagory that have been on netflix for months.
Why is it that movies in general come out at the same time worldwide, but +Netflix USA has different content to UK - I can understand with stuff like TV programs, but movies should come out around the same time - I don't remember seeing many recent movies on the UK NetFlix sadly - nothing like Thor... 

Hopefully we can see some more worldwide style releases on Netflix UK and USA and other places in the near future as it's sad that non-US miss out on good content.
+Dave Alderson really dude so you're in what fourth grade? Grow up.

Wait nevermind I just looked at your picture and realized you're a douchebag. I bet you spend more on hair products than food each month. I'm also willing to bet you have a tribal band tat or a chinesse symbol. Get a life douche.
better that I thought it would be
+Mike Hovey hey Mike keep it friendly Dick head, I don't accept you can assume my personality from a picture I have on my profile? If you must know I spend around £2 on hair product a month so if I spend less on food I don't believe I'd be alive right now. As for tattoos yes as you did say you were checking me out ;) you will have noticed I have a tribal tattoo which runs from my inner wrist all the way to my neck. I looked at your picture and was surprised to find out that your a guitar? So allow me to give you some advise, don't be such an ass hole or no one will take you out of your case to play with you :) good day to you sir
I have an idea for you. Do you respond to these posts?
I love that guy +Dave Alderson he can dish it and take it.

You talk american to me when it comes to money.
Why you no post here very often so we no have to go to Facebook?
Mmm in america the most people speak spanish, only canada and usa speak english, brazil and another speak portuguese and one or two countries speak french...
+Dave Alderson yeah, my name is great jejej, two names: Carlos and Manuel, i can choose one for work and one for home. And two last name, one from dad and one from mom, because both are my parents.

And my wife don't need to change her last name, if she want can to add my last name to her, and she will be guadalupe alvarado lizardi from escalona jejjeje.

Is not great???
Why are there only two posts on here by Netflix?
Finally,  What's with the huge streaming delay?
Jose A.
I would like to see more control over what you could watch on streaming from Netflix like have the ability to vote a movie or show and I'll I'll the subscribers to choose what movies they want to be put on the streaming service.
Mr. Manthous, your comment about Thor is unfounded. As you may have seen on Redletter media's website under the Avengers review on Half in the Bag. Thor does not have to prove his not-gay power, the only one who would have had to do this is the Hulk. Thor's sexuality is obviously hetero-sexual.
Jose A.
He's from the TV show called naruto
People please tell Netflix if they are going to use +Netflix Google+ page. 
No postings since June??????  And G+ is free!!?  Somebody PLEASE force out the current guy and get a new president of the company before Netflix stagnates and dwindles to nothing. It's still much better than Amazon, but it's just a matter of time till they get overtaken..  :(  signed a Netflix stockholder.
+Netflix Are you still using G+ page? It look like inactive account. 
I guess, Netflix doesn't have much to brag about.
Netflix just hit Norway, no Thor here. Nor anything new for that matter and a huuuge Facebook add that takes up 1/3 of the website, even for subscribers. Not gonna pay $14 /month for this.
So few good movies streaming you guys have to make an announcement when you think yo have a good one! Makes you feel good about that massive price hike you had a few months back! Im wishing i bought a put in the stock when it was good!
Me too Nic, if we had both bought 5000 shares of NF in 2005 and then sold it in 2009  we could be laughing at all of it. I think 7.99 a MONTH and no contract for the convenience of taking a risk on watching 12,000 of the 15,000 titles you've never seen, but may enjoy is way too expensive. By the way what your asking in terms of emphasizing that these movie features are coming soon on some media source you just may be in front of you  at the right time could be very expensive. What your talking about comes from the old outdoor theater marketing and was done on stapling posters to telephone poles. Hopefully they will start to let everyone know way in advance what cool movie is going to be available soon. Good comment
Hey netflix how about yall put up public emenies with johnny deep
what do you mean by Everyone please report and mark
I have posted this Twenty-Three Times on Facebook and it gets deleted every time... see if anyone sees or cares here?????

since it was deleted here it is one more time (to Reed Hastings Netflix's CEO and Founder)(

Good morning Reed,

I have been on the most part a quiet Netflix customer paying my bill and watching your online content. Well yesterday morning with no notice whatsoever, when my daughter turned our PS3 on to stream Netflix was told that we had exceeded our devices allowed to 
stream (she had left her Roku on down in the basement) When I called customer service to find out why this change was made with no notice I was told that as a customer I don’t matter, I have posted all over the facebook page as well. Greg Flint (I assume he works for Netflix) since he was telling everyone that Netflix can do no wrong and telling customers to cancel their service if they don’t like it. I really did expect an apology for a policy change with no notice but I was told Netflix doesn’t have a retention department and if their customers mattered they would so I can cancel if I don’t like what is done.

I pay for Hulu Plus and am an Amazon Prime member so really it isn’t the customer that needs Netflix but Netflix that needs us. I would like to know if you mirror your company’s disregard for the customer and if so I will cancel my membership with no regrets.

I figured you at least had the right to know what your employees tell your customers (which pays yours and their salaries) If you don’t care about me as a customer I will gladly take my business elsewhere!

I would appreciate a reply from you,
You can use remove a device if you wont to add another
Thank you Benni we got the one turned off... the problem is I was told by a manager that the customer doesn't matter and that is wrong... I canceled dvd's last year and kept the Netflix as a courtesy for my daughter....
+Betty Crockett Well Netflix just scored another point on the CRAP list! Hard to believe someone would treat their customers like that! But bieng netflix and their stupid moves its not suprising!
not one word so I assume that means their CEO supports his employees treating their customers poorly! canceling today and I hope all others that are treated poorly cancel their service as well... I would rather pay per episode if it isn't available on Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus... no one needs a company bad enough to be treated like Netflix treats their customers!
Update, I got a call last night... the people I spoke with didn't put notes in my account... wondering how many others they do that to?
when are you putting the spiderman movies
I would like so much if you updated your official page here a little bit often :(
i seen this its boring exsept some parts
Love this movie but still waiting for part two...
Thor isn't available for steaming! Why say it is when it cannot be found on Netflix? This is ridiculous :/
They do have CAPTAIN AMERICA +Jason Burns ... Atleast it use to be there seen it a few times
I'm happy it's still on netflix
vcs estao cobrando na minha conta o netflix sendo que ja cancxelei a 3 meses com que faqlo sobre isso nao acho correto
I didn't watch it yet but I know it got a lot of shit in it........

"Thor is unavailable to stream." Great going, Netflix.
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How do people even know what you are saying with just a few letters is there a dictionary for this some where it will help understand???????????
Rick B
+Lee Jarratt
You can watch with Linux if you use Google Chrome.
It worked for me
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