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The 2017 Fall Kick-Off League is now open! Register & Enter Week 1 Scores By November 5th. The League is an NRA & CMP Sanctioned Online "Postal" League running 10/30-12/3 to "Kick-Off" the winter shooting season.

Entry is $6 per person per discipline ($3 Rookie Divisions) with 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place, High Junior and Senior Awards in each. 4 Person teams may be formed at no charge. Plaques are awarded to top three teams.

Visit: for details.

Spread the word and post the league flyer in your range!


50 Foot Free Pistol
60 shots using the B-11 target. Rules: NRA Rulebook. Ties broken by x count.

50 Foot Precision Pistol (Bullseye)
Gallery Course, 30 shots using B-2, B-3 targets. Rules: NRA Rulebook.

10 Meter Air Pistol
60 shots using B-40 target. Rules: NRA Rulebook. Ties broken by x count.

10 Meter Air Pistol (Rookie)
20 shots using B-40 target. Rules: NRA Rulebook. Ties broken by x count.

50 Foot Metric Prone Smallbore Rifle
60 shots using USAS-50 target, any sight. Rules: NRA Rulebook. Ties broken by x count.

50 Foot Metric 3 Position Smallbore Rifle
60 shots using USAS-50 target, any sight. Rules: NRA Rulebook. Ties broken by x count.

10 Meter Standing Air Rifle
60 shots using AR-5 target. Rules: USAS Rulebook. Ties broken by inner 10s.

10 Meter 3 Position Air Rifle
60 shots using AR-5 target. Rules: CMP Rulebook. Ties broken by x count.

10 Meter Prone Air Rifle (Rookie)
20 shots using AR-5 target. Rules: USAS Rulebook. Ties broken by x count.

5 Meter 4 Position BB Gun
40 shots using AR4 target. Rules: NRA Rulebook. Ties broken by highest center shots.

American Trap
25 shots at 16 yards. Rules: ATA Rulebook. Ties broken by countback method.

Rookie matches are intended for new shooters with under a year of experience.

NRA & CMP memberships NOT required to participate in the league.

NRA Competitive Shooting Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)


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Register for a Monthly Match TODAY & Enter to Win a FREE Match in the NRA CMP Sanctioned 2017 Fall Kick-Off League! #neverstopshooting

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The 2017 Net Competitor Spring Kick-Off League is a five-week shooting competition held online May 1st - June 4th at

Like a modern “Postal League”, competitors shoot in any of fourteen disciplines at their local range, then submit their scores through the league’s website each week. Junior and Senior shooters of all skill levels are welcome to participate. The Kick-Off League is a fun way to transition into the summer shooting season through online competition.

For more information visit or write us at

Join us in the fun!
Alissa & Matt Haggstrom

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Welcome to the April Monthly Matches on Net Competitor!

We're inviting shooters of all ages & skill levels to compete with us in one of our monthly online "postal" style matches, featuring a growing list of requested shooting disciplines in rifle, bb, pistol, shotgun and archery.

Win Monthly & Quarterly!
We're giving out participation stickers and giveaways along with awards for first, second and third place in each match each month! This month begins the quest for Summer Champion, which will be announced on July 1st and is awarded to the top shooter in each discipline during the months of April, May and June.

APRIL Giveaway!
We had so much fun last month that we're extending our March giveaways, so make sure to register and shoot in any of the April matches and you will receive a FREE #neverstopshooting Sticker and an entry into a drawing for a FREE T-Shirt for every match you're in!

Join our Annual League of Champions!
Shoot with us once or return each month to improve your chances to be amongst the “Super Sixteen”, the top 16 shooters of this year invited to our complimentary 2 week online championship League of Champions. The more you compete the more you can win and the greater chance you'll become the 2017 "Grand Champion" in your match!

57 Different Matches to Choose from Each Month!

The Monthly Match lineup includes popular disciplines suggested by Net Competitor members.

* Both sporter and precision air and .22 smallbore rifle
* Iron sights only matches
* Dewar, 50yd & 100yd matches
* International style pistol and rifle shooting
* Classic NRA courses
* NRA/Winchester Qualification Pistol Course
* “Rookie” divisions for new shooters in pistol and rifle
* 4 Position BB Gun
* 25 shot American Trap & 300 Round Archery

What's a Rookie?!
New shooters with under a year experience are welcome in our “rookie” matches! They can learn to shoot in competition, have fun and even earn an award! It’s a great way to introduce them to the sport of shooting! These matches are a great addition to your shooting program.

It’s Easy and Fun to Compete
Simply create your FREE profile on Net Competitor, browse the matches available, click register to join. You have until the end of the month to record your scores on the site. Once the month ends, the scores will be revealed and winners announced.

* Compete from Anywhere in the World
* Shoot Targets at Your Range or Home
* NO Scanner/Electronic Scoring Required
* Enter or Import Scores on the Website
* Enter Scores Between 1st Day & Deadline
* Only $3 per person per match to join!

Register now at

We hope you'll come and shoot with us this month!
Alissa & Matt Haggstrom

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Shoot NOW to enter a drawing for a FREE T-Shirt & receive a FREE #neverstopshooting Sticker! The more matches you shoot, more chances to win! Prizes Awarded Monthly & Quarterly in Smallbore & Air Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun & Archery.

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Congratulations to February’s Rookie division winners! Here are some of this month’s Rookie match highlights:

Rookie Air Rifle Prone & Rookie Air Rifle Standing
Teddy Clark joins the Rookie Air Rifle Prone leaderboard, just a point shy of Frank Ravenswood, with a score of 188. Last month Frank topped Teddy in Rookie Air Rifle Standing with a score of 157 to Teddy's 148, but in February it was Teddy on top by three, shooting a 155.  Frank's January score keeps him in the lead for both Spring Champion and the League of Champions.

Rookie 10 Meter Air Pistol & Rookie 3P Air Rifle
Marco Prozzo is the first on the board for a new match added to the Monthly Matches in February.  In Rookie 10 Meter Air Pistol, Marco scored a 174 in 20 shots!  Right now, Marco stands alone on the leaderboard.  If you want to give yourself a challenge, try out 10 Meter Air Pistol and see how you compare.  Teddy Clark is first to shoot our new Rookie 3P Air Rifle!  His first score is 261 in this 30 shot match.

Follow along with full monthly match results here or check out how the quests for Spring & Grand Champion are going on the league leaderboard here #neverstopshooting

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February's Monthly Matches brought us up to 118 total league registrations in 21 matches spread across 2 Countries and 10 States! And, with 10 months left to go in the league, we plan to fill the map this year!

March will bring in final competitors vying for the title of Spring Champion in their discipline, which is automatically awarded to the best shooter of the quarter. Each month contestants shoot to push further up the League of Champions Leaderboard and eventually earn Grand Champion.

For more information about this multi discipline league, visit #neverstopshooting

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Congratulations to our Air & Smallbore Rifle Match Winners! Here are some of the highlights of their last week of league shooting:

Standing Air Rifle
With his best score of the league, Wesley Shumaker sneaks past Kennadi Barker and takes first place, shooting a 284!  Kennadi shot her best score of 283 last week and holds second place just 2 points behind Wesley.  She finishes off with a fantastic 54 X count!  Nicholas Young had a strong second half of the league.  His 258 was his high, shot last week, and his week 5 was just about as good, giving him a solid hold on third place.  Kennadi Barker takes the high junior and Dan Ide is our high senior.

3P Air Rifle
Kennadi Barker is looking good at number one, finishing up with her high score of 287 12x in week 5!  She also takes high junior.  Jeff Schneider had his best score last week, a 276 10x.  He is our second place shooter and high senior.  Josie Clark takes third place, and finishes off week 5 just shy of the 265 13x high score she shot in week 1.

Jeffrey Walters had his top score in week three, a beautiful 397 21x.  Across the 5 week span, he varied by only 2 points. That's some fantastic shooting.

3P Smallbore Rifle
Trent Hering adds to his pile of bling with another first place win.  He had shot his best score of 286 in week 1, but was only a point shy of that mark in week 5, including a high standing target of 95.  John Cuntz had a high score of 280 for the league last week!  He won the tight race between himself, Wesley Shumaker and Matt Haggstrom, taking second place.  Wesley, who had a high of 282 last week, shot well in week 5, too, and beat Matt Haggstrom by 5 points to claim third. 

Check out the final results after 5 weeks of shooting on the website at #neverstopshooting

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Congratulations to our High Juniors and High Seniors in this February's Monthly Matches!

Enter your birth date in your profile in order to be eligible for prizes based on these classifications. The age grouping for Juniors & Seniors follows the @NRA 's eligibility guidelines.

Follow along with full monthly match results here #neverstopshooting
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