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Netcetera is the UK's most reliable Windows Hosting Company for April
We are very thrilled to announce that Netcetera is once again the Most Reliable Windows Hosting Company, as ranked by Netcraft This is an credible  four in a row that Netcetera have achieved this r...
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Firstly I raised a complaint I had with the company, has not been acknowledged. They say on their website if not happy with their complaints procedure an independent organisation will handle it. The independent organisation is called, Internet Service Providers Association, I contacted them and they said that they do not recognize Netcetera. Netcetera are based in the Isle of Man and are therfore exempt from UK law. KEEP CLEAR OF NETCETERA because the simple problem with my hosting that I raised  after 3 days has not been addressed. 

I have a website hosted with netcetera, I raised a fault with them and after 3 days they  have failed to address the fault and have now started to make make a fool of me.

php $_SESSION variables are not working, that is they continue to change for each session instead of holding a constant value during the session.

I have raised 10 tickets of concern. Each response show a complete lack of understanding by the company. The only response has been 'is it working now'. To ask me if a problem on their server is working would show a complete lack of understanding about a basic problem. I also had a previous problem, php scripts were not working, and I had the same problem trying to resolve that.
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