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Netcam Studio

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We are pleased to announce our new mobile application: Netcam Studio Smart Camera.
It will transform your smartphone into a Netcam Camera which you can of course connect in Netcam Studio or webcamXP but you can also directly watch the stream from any other device running the application connected to the same Wifi network.
All details here:
We are pleased to announce this new mobile application for your smartphones. Netcam Studio Smart Camera transforms your smartphone into a Network Camera. You can of course connect it in Netcam Studio and webcamXP but it can also be viewed directly by any other device running the application connected on the same wifi. The best part is that it's free and doesn't ask you to register an account to use it. You can even mix the devices (Stream fro...
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Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio has been released with the following changes:

New Network Camera Templates
Fixed Remote Image over HTTP for Overlay was broken
Possibility to disable PTZ
Added User Role for Controling Pan & Tilt
Possibility to set the default view to use on Startup
Fixed Server doesn't start when UNC path is used for the library
Fixed refuses to record some specific resolutions
Fixed possibility to use Mobile application with only the View Roles (Netcam Studio Mobile 3.1.0)
Support for Netcam Studio SmartCam (Beta coming soon)

NOTE: File with user accounts (Moonware.Security.xml) will be overwritten in this version since there are new roles and the previous file is not compatible!

Get it now from
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Netcam Studio

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We have prepared a new Community Space for Netcam Studio​ and webcamXP​:

Since we cannot offer support to the users of the free version we have decided to open a place where we can publish tutorials and guides and where users can look for help and share experience about our products.

This way we also ask you not to request for support here on Social Networks since it's not the place for this. Please use those forums instead.
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Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio has been updated to with several improvements mainly around RTSP sources:

New Network Camera Templates
Added Support for UNC Path for local library
Fixed ONVIF sources detection
Fixed some Client issues based on the error reports (since ER were enabled in Client since
New RTSP Filter
Improved Audio Decoders (better sound quality)
Faster RTSP Connections

You can get Netcam Studio 32-bit here:

Now that we host our files on Amazon S3 you may have to wait 1-2 hours until the links to 64-bit version + Netcam Studio X are updated.
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Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio updated to

It's been quite long since the previous version but we are happy to come with new functionalities such as Dropbox Upload and the new Mobile application (will probably take 5-8 days to be available for iOS).

Change log:
Fixed FTP Upload per source
Improved performances of Motion Detection
Simplified GetCameras Web Service (added GetCamerasAndPlugins)
Simplified Plugin Status flags (only the Enabled flag reports the status)
Added Webservices methods for reordering sources (Not yet available in the client)
New Network Cameras templates
New Mobile Client for Smartphones & Tablets
Added Dropbox Synchronization plugin and support for OAuth Services

New Android App:

If you want to modify the web client or mobile app, you can download sources on Github. We have decided to share sources so that it can be done easily:
Netcam Studio Mobile Client allows to remotely connect to Netcam Studio Ser...
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All my problems are solved by technical support, a big thank you Steve , Good application, I recommend.  And thank for the new mobile app !
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Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio has been updated to

This version mainly includes fixes and improvements based on the feedback received from the previous versions. 

Here is the change log:
- Fixed thumbnail issue when movies are longer than 1 minute (new movie created)
- Fixed authentication issue on local network
- Improved thread managements when recording using Motion detection
- New Network Cameras templates

The Web and Smartphone Clients have also been updated to version 2.6 (Android is online, iOS will probably need 7-10 days to be published) and the updated documentation is almost ready and I will try to publish it this weekend.
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Thank's Steve! I've just found how to set timelapse delay!
Works perfect! Very cool program :)
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Netcam Studio

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We need your feedback about the need of providing Security Stickers to our users / customers.

Please give your opinion and suggestions (ideally directly in the forums).
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Hi, my IP Camera is not on your camera list, can we add this ? if it's possible , please contact me. P.S camera model is KDT-HW67RC80-DEP. Thank you
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Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio has been updated to v1.0.5.0 with a few new features and changes.

Here is the Change Log for & since the last announcement:
- Added Google Drive Synchronization
- Fixed Blob Motion Detection discarding some motion
- Added HTTPS Support in Smartphone Client / Web Client
- Added Support for localization (translations) in Smartphone Client
- Fixed Package when installing only Netcam Studio Client
- Reduced Motion Detection CPU usage by generating Motion Images / Result only when needed
- Fixed Permanent Token not generated when creating new users
- Fixed Free Space reporting C:\ driver instead of Library drive

Download now from:

Report issues and ask questions:
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Netcam Studio

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Netcam Studio updated to with additional improvements.

In order to simplify the download page, Netcam Studio X is now included in the standard package and not available as separate download anymore. It replaces Netcam Studio Console which doesn't make sense anymore and is now available in 64-bit version.

Here are the changes:
- Fixed Motion Detection view not available in Netcam Studio X
- Fixed Token timeout in Netcam Studio X
- Fixed performance downgrade when using a Motion Area / Mask
- Improved Motion Detection performances (each image was copied twice before processing resulting in useless CPU consumption)
- Fixed UI freeze for 10-20 seconds when disconnecting a source
- Fixed Wrong aspect ratio for Camera Window can occur
- Possbility to downscale video resolution for recording
- Possibility to select Video profile for recording
- Single package available for download which includes Netcam Studio X and Netcam Studio Service

Please uninstall any copy of Netcam Studio X prior to installing this new package which contains all the components. You can retrieve a copy of your Moonware.Security.xml file if you want to keep the user accounts (other settings will automatically be preserved).

Give it a try here:
Netcam Studio - Network Camera and Webcam Monitoring Software.
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Netcam Studio

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We are pleased to start the year with Netcam Studio 1.0.0-rc1. Several things have been improved and mainly performances. 

Here is the list of changes:
Improved performances (Remote view, Motion Detection)
Possibility to Start/Stop Timelapse using Motion detection
Fixed an issue where connection is not recovered automatically after network connectivity problems
Possibility to set the Frame Rate and Quality for Multi-View on the Client
Global Variables: Json parses the full structure and create distinct variables
Netcam Studio X: Major performance improvement by accessing Video / Audio Streams directly
Updated Web Client
New Network Camera Templates

If you are doing monitoring from the computer where Netcam Studio is installed, we recommend using Netcam Studio X. In future version, it will probably replace Netcam Studio Server Console due to the fact it uses much less resources than Server + Client on the same computer.

Use this link to give it a try:
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Netcam Studio

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Want to try something different today? 
You can give a try to the first public version of Netcam Studio X. 
It's an all-in-one version which combines Netcam Studio Server and Client in the same application. 
If you don't run Netcam Studio as a Service and find Netcam Studio too complicated , maybe this one if for you 
The server functionality are strictly identical, they have just been included in the simplified new Client. You can still use Web and Mobile clients which are also included. The main difference is that on the server you don't have to run 2 applications and don't have to login locally.
PS: You can have Netcam Studio and Netcam Studio X on the same computer however it's not required in any case. Just ensure that you do not to run Netcam Studio X and Netcam Studio Server (or Service) at the same time. They will both share the same settings and only the users accounts are specific to each of them.
Netcam Studio X
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Hi, how can I connect to the internet so I can run my cam on my web page? There seems to be no option for that.
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Netcam Studio

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It took us a couple of months but we are finally able to release a new version.

Netcam Studio is now available:

The major changes are:
- Improved Interface (New features screen, Improved Network Camera Wizard, Actions + Features grouped in Source popup menu)
- New Web Client (The existing one for Smartphones / Tablets is still available in /mobile Web folder)
- Web Server and Web Services are running on the same port (default 8100, Not needed to open/forward 2 ports anymore)
- Audio Streams of the cameras accessible through the Windows Client
- Web Server can be configured to use HTTPS (requires SSL certificate) in config file (will be accessible trough UI in future versions)
- Improved RTSP filter reconnection. Fixed bug of image remaining black after some reconnections
- Avoid Wrong Motion Detection alerts due to RTSP source reconnection
- Lowered CPU usage for decoding / encoding images by using external library (32-bit version only)
- New Network Cameras templates

Coming next (hopefully still in July) is the Compact version of Netcam Studio.

Several users are a bit lost with the Client / Server approach of Netcam Studio so we will release an all-in-one version containing Client and Server in the same application (much more similar to webcamXP).
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works with 2x logitech's connected (HD Webcam C525)
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