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We just launched something we're ridiculously excited about: a new Nest Community.

Have a product suggestions? Post it and get votes. Have a question? Get it answered. Want to talk about rebates, solar panels, Wi-Fi controlled lights? Let's get started. 
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G+ already has Communities built in.  Though I'm curious to see if yours integrates with my existing Nest account ;-)
Your community is more like a FAQ section. How about an actual #googleplus #nest community? I'll have to look to see if there is one. 
I would buy Nest in a second if you had an option to have the fan cycle air on a routine basis (e.g. 10 minutes every hour). Our house needs that feature to balance the temperature throughout the house when the HVAC isn't running often. Until then, I cannot consider Nest.
+Aaron Hall  they do have that feature for the A/C, I don't believe it is an option for the heat at this time yet.... 
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