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We're teaming up with Virgin America to reinvent the way people fly. Watch as Tony Fadell and Sir Richard Branson introduce Total Temperature Control, the newest product from Nest.

Nest + Virgin
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You guys do know April 1st is tomorrow right?
They had me until I saw it bolted on the back of the seat, PMSL 
Wait! What? April's Foolsday already?? 
Well it is April 1st somewhere in the world!
+Steve McClure I guess that is correct. Currently 6:20 AM in Sydney Australia right now. Sorry I forgot about people down there haha
nice April Fools trolling guys but just bring it to UK and will be just pure win! 
leg room, wide seats, easy out to the rest room, my own tv to watch. And for those who sleep hogging two seats from a long journey, give then a lounge chair. And some good cookies to munch on. Oh Yeah! But remember those who are diabetics, and where are the young ones? someone to play with and their parent can feel secure.  ok enough for now. Maybe the airplane should look like a travel train. Best reguards  Sir Richard.
I thought this was fake at first, but then that fist pump at the end confirmed it was real. 
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