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Ashen Lyall
I'm Irish, I'm insane. (ง'̀-'́)ง
I'm Irish, I'm insane. (ง'̀-'́)ง

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So are you all ready to join me on #Gab yet... I have 4 invites waiting... pretty please... 

Everyone, please consider joining us on #GAB ( it's a much better platform and it's growing fast!!!

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This is a whole new level of stupid....I couldn't make this up if I tried.....what a worthless sack of waste 

I'm kind of surprised how active everyone still is here.... weird. 

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Big Google+ Milestone Within Walking Distance

So, I'm about to hit 1K followers. That's cool to me. And because it's within reach, I want to get there as quick as I can. Maybe even by the end of next weekend (the 16th of Nov).

And I could use your help. 

The rules are simple:

1. Choose a prize in the poll below. That prize will be sent to the winner.

2. Share this poll, publicly, in your stream while encouraging any and all of those in your circles to put me in their circles. This is where I will get new followers.

3. At 1800 MST on Sunday, the 16 of November, I will check this post's ripples. Whoever influenced the most reshares (besides me) will receive the item with the most votes. Hence the reason why you need to reshare publicly.

If my profile doesn't hit 1,000 followers by that time, all bets are off and nobody's bringing home the bacon!
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A short history of bacon vid by Chad
Bacon themed mystery gift ???
Gift certificate for a package of bacon
A short history of bacon vid by Chad
Bacon themed mystery gift ???

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(behind the City Administration Building)
12:00 - 6:00
Dairy Queen Kid's Zone - Gold Star Park
12:00 Old School Blues Band - Main Stage
1:00 - Sam Marsal - Gold Star Stage
1:00 - Lo-Fi Loungers - Main Stage
1:50 - Cockeyed Camel - Gold Star Stage
2:15 - Jimi and The Firedogs - Main Stage
2:40 - Polar Opposites - Gold Star Stage
3:30 - Jeff & The Johnsons - Main Stage
3:30 - Becky Folmar - Gold Star Stage
4:20 - Britt Johnson - Gold Star Stage
4:45 - Honey Tree Band - Main Stage
5:00 River Dan - Gold Star Stage
6:00 - King Bee - Main Stage
7:15 - Dwayne Dopsie and the
         Zydeco Hellraisers - Main Stage
8:45 - Josh Garrett Band - Main Stage

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If you are not going to attend, you do not have to respond!

OKAY GUYS!! COME OUT TO Freek on a Leesh Pet Bazaar on February 8th from 12-5PM. We will be there getting down and dirty bathing dogs! So bring your stinky fur-pal, for only $12 we will get them clean and smelling good! A percentage of the proceeds go to the rescue! We will also have a husky kissing booth, where you can get some extra sugar! We promise not to tell!

via Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue

If you add me....I will look at your profile.....females, if you're an attention whore, forget it. Males.....if you go after the attention whores and +1 all that crap, share pictures of women etc, forget it. If your profile is incomplete, forget it. If you're hateful, negative, whiny, complaining, etc constantly, FORGET IT.

P.S. I'm married to the other half of my heart who happens to be a MARSOC Marine, adding me to flirt will not be tolerated, by either of us :)
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