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In July, when the Centers for Disease Control released a report documenting suicide rates by occupation in the U.S., it yielded both bleak and surprising results: Architects and engineers ranked fifth on the list, beating out high-stress jobs like police officers, firefighters, and corrections workers.
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love Yucatan!
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designed by reyes ríos + larraín arquitectos, casa itzimná combines the use of steel elements with concrete, ensuring the creation of a sustainable abode.
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China is no longer the agricultural backwater it used to be. The People’s Republic has a booming economy, and this can be clearly seen in the way its...
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5 Things The Great Gatsby Can Teach You About Art Deco Style

We can learn a lot from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. From gaining insight into the American Dream to taking a closer look at 1920s life, there is so much within the novel’s pages.

In today’s post, we thought it would be cool to look into what this story can teach us about a style of architecture, art, and design that was popular during the time of its publication: Art Deco.

Be Smooth.
Jay Gatsby may want to win back the love of his life, but he knows that will never happen if he throws himself at her. He waits patiently for Daisy Buchanan to come to him—cool, calm, and collected.

Just like the 1930s party boy, Art Deco designs are smooth with even surfaces. Slick concrete and steel were common building materials used for this style.

Show off extravagance.
When it comes to Art Deco architecture and design, do not shy away from lavish ornamentation. The walls themselves may be smooth, but they are anything but plain. Chevron, zigzags, gold sunbursts, and other designs grace these buildings.

The true nature will always show through.
In terms of Art Deco architecture, we see this same concept realized in the forms of the buildings. No matter how many curving designs or golden accents adorn the surfaces, or how many parapets and spires are added to the rooftops, in the end, Art Deco buildings are structures that are monolithic in design. They are single, large-and-powerful structures.

Find Your Own Way.
Art Deco architecture and design paved its own way as well, experimenting with materials like steel, aluminum, stucco, concrete, and glass.

Find Beauty in Contrasting Designs.
Art Deco is known for its geometric look. Symmetry and geometry are two of its defining features. But these rectangular, blocky forms are broken up with contrasting curves of ornamentation. It is the combination of these two styles that makes Art Deco so beautiful and unique.

We’re not sure if F. Scott Fitzgerald knew he was writing a guide to Art Deco style or not, but his work certainly reflects this style of architecture, art, and design. Enjoy looks inspired by his novel, and start thinking of ways you can incorporate Art Deco designs into your modern home

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Photo Credit: via Wolf Gang. We can learn a lot from F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. From gaining insight into the American Dream to taking a closer look at 1920s life, there is so much within the novel's pages. In today's post, we thought it would be cool to look into what this story ...
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Cool hunting..!
Boro hotel
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100% MX
You won't miss the meat in this vegetarian take on a Mexican favorite. #MeatlessMonday

Black Bean and Avocado Sopes:
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Philharmonique Nikolaïsaal, Potsdam (Allemagne) – 1996
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Photo Credit: via arthur erickson official blog. Arthur Erickson may not be the most well-known architect of the mid-century, but his designs can't be missed. They're beautiful, clean, modern, and harmonious with their natural environments. Confident in their construction, they're authentic with ...
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Architeture & design ... 100% yucatecan
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Beautiful villa designed by Reyes Ríos + Larraiín Arquitectos situated in Seyé, Yucatán, Mexico.
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