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Telling Meaningful Stories That Inspire.
Telling Meaningful Stories That Inspire.

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How to Deal with Controlling People in Your Life #controlfreak #control #relationship

Last post, I talk about letting go of control. But what if you aren’t the one who is desperate for control? What if someone else in your life is the one who is controlling? At work, you have employers, managers and even colleagues who like to micromanage.…

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How to Stop Trying to Control Everything and Be Free #freedom #control #lettinggo #letgo

Are you trying to control everything? Do you need everything to be just the way you want it to be? Do you find it difficult to let go even though you know it’s holding you back from freedom? I used to have this repeated dream when I was young: I dreamed…

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The 10 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy #happy #letgo #positivity #lettinggo

Recently, I saw this Facebook video by Power of Positivity called the 10 Things to Let Go of to Be Happy. In the video, it lists down the following things to be let go of: Let go of toxic people in your life. Let go of regretting past mistakes. Let go of…

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How to Forgive Yourself for Hurting Someone #forgive #forgiveness #forgiveyourself #selflove

Most of us understand the logic behind the famous saying, “the past is the past”. We could never go back to the past, so why bother about the past? It makes sense for someone who is hurt to let go of the past so that they don’t suffer. But what if you are…

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How to Forgive Someone When You Are Feeling Hurt #forgive #forgiveness #hurt #selflove

Forgiving someone isn’t always easy. To most people, to forgive means to stop feeling angry or to stop having resentment towards someone. It means to pardon someone for their mistakes and what they did to us. When we are feeling hurt, this doesn’t seem…

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How to Receive Help when It's Uncomfortable #receive #selflove #receiver #gratitude

Learning how to receive is a very important skill for someone who couldn’t love themselves. Even for high self-esteem people, accepting help from others could be perceived as a sign of weakness. You want to do everything yourself. You want to be the one…

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7 Things to Remember When You Are Helping Others #help #helpingothers #giving #helpful

Helping others is one of the top ways to increase your happiness and self-love. When you spread love, you are the source of love and that feels good. But sometimes, helping others don’t feel so good. Why is this so? Do you “put on your oxygen mask” before…

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Why Are Giving and Receiving Important to Your Growth #personalgrowth #giving #receiving #selflove

Giving and receiving — which one is easier for you? Some people find it easier to give than to receive, while others would rather be the one receiving than giving. Most people have a preference for one over another. But giving and receiving are equally…

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How to Not Care What People Think of You #selflove #approval #love

“What is that person thinking about me?” “If I say no, will they think that I’m a bad person?” “What should I wear? What impression will I give if I wear this?” “Would they like me or not like me?” Have you asked yourself one of the above questions…

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6 Revealing Reasons Why People Are So Eager to Please #peoplepleaser #selflove #peoplepleasing

Do you say yes to everyone’s requests? Are you afraid of conflicts or bothering other people? Do you crave for compliments and hate criticisms? Do you have a habit of saying sorry and tend to over-explain your mistakes? Are you a people pleaser? Everyone…
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