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Are you "Jonesing" for some cool free stuff? Enter to WIN Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures on Blu-ray! Sign up on our contest page, then score a bonus entry by sharing this post and commenting below with your favorite film in the franchise.
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My favorite is Last Crusade, but Raiders is probably the better film.
The original. Raiders of the Lost Ark for sure.
Aw man, Crystal Skull is my favorite!! lolololol
I remember seeing the Last Crusade three times in the theater -- by far my favorite movie in the series. I heard on GeekTime that these transfers are amazing. I'm stoked.
Raiders of the Lost Ark will always be one of my favorite films.
Can I request that they just leave out Crystal Skull? Please?
Have to go with Raiders of the Lost Ark - the original and still awesome
Raiders of the Lost Ark all the way!  Now I'm humming the theme music as I march my way to the conference room for a meeting =)
What a great TRILOGY :)
Raiders of the Lost Ark - ((motions hand swipe across neck)) "Fffssssst, ffssst!"
My fave is definitely Raiders. All of them have great moments, but I can't watch ROTLA enough.
Ain't nothing better than a dusty old VHS tape to watch RotLA. Preferably with snow and Christmas commercials.
Last Crusade. "You are named after the dog?"
Raiders of the Lost ark is the classic Indy film
I LOVE them all, but Raiders of the Lost Arch will always be my first pick! 
Raiders is the best of them, but Last Crusade holds a more special place in my heart, because the summer of 1989 was one of the best movie-summers in my lifetime.
i like temple of doom the best
I would be interested if it weren't blu-ray. I'm never going to embrace that format. Also I'd throw crystal skull in the trash where it belongs.
A +1 to all who said Last Crusade. These people know what they're talkin about.
Love all three of them but have to pick raiders for starting it all
Hard to say, they're all so good. But either Raiders or Crusade is my favorite (and yes, I liked Crystal Skull).
Raiders of the Lost Ark is by far the best. By far. But I love all the others too...even Crystal Skull. (In fact, I liked Crystal Skull better than Last Crusade...Much to, I'm sure, everyone's dismay.)
The Last Crusade, I'd have to agree is the best!
Raiders, followed by Last Crusade.
Last crusade all the way. And who doesn't love Sean Connery?
Temple of Doom for me, although the blonde chick could NEVER be better than Marion Ravenwood.
Last crusade hands down. should of sent crystal skull to the Marx brothers. 
I know I said Raiders over on the facebook page...but Crusade has Sean's such a tough choice!
Raiders of the Lost Ark is the best movie EVER made!!!
I asked for the VHS trilogy set for Christmas when I was 5 and then proceeded to watch it so much that I had to get a new set a year later because I had worn out the tapes. The first one to go was Temple of Doom, I think because it had a musical number.
Raiders of the Lost Ark will always be the best of the series to me. Can not count the number of times I saw that movie in the theater the summer it came out.
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