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Want to build your own sail barge? A space station, perhaps? Well, now you can. We're celebrating +Course of the Force by giving away a copy of Epic Ink Books' Star Wars Blue Prints. Sign up on our contest page, then score a bonus entry by sharing this post and commenting below with what you'd like to build from the Star Wars universe.
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I might need the resources from an entire solar system, but I would build a Death Star!
I was thinking of building an AT-ST treehouse.  Now I am thinking sail barge.
I would build a 74-Z speeder bike, sometimes referred to as the Imperial speeder from Return of the Jedi!
I want to build R2D2! He can ride with me to work everyday.
I'm thinking Ducati scout speeder hybrid. You know that way I don't have to walk into town from the Spaceport.(I wonder if it will fit in the trunk of a Y-wing?)
I'm thinking the Death Star. Just think of all that room for collectibles. Plus the giant laser would be nice.
Shared! I'd definitely build the Millennium Falcon.
I would like to build  a Slave 1 and start collecting all the bounties I could!
I'd definitely like to build a Sail Barge. Anything for a vacation. 
An Imperial walker. No more traffic jams.
Nobody for a Lightsaber? Could make some nice toast in the morning and get to work without getting blasted by a laser
lightsaber definitely, and space cruisers with hyperspace ability
wat do you mean wat is wrong with me wat is wrong with you 
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