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As the Olympics opening ceremonies are today, we look at what fictional sports we'd like to see added to the games, from our favorite movies. What additions would you make that would guarantee eyeballs glued to TV 24-7?
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Oh god, Robot Jox was so bad it lapped back to awesome. 
Loved Robot Jox as a kid. Who doesn't want a giant robot suit for fighting?
Ahhh Robot Jox! That was so bad it was good.
Pyramid from Battlestar Galactica should definitely be in the list. I was pleased with Enders Game being on it though. Still one of my favorite books
Im down with robot jox in the olympics i might actually stay up to watch that.
Robotjox has been the worst example of mecha shows
Thats why its great so lame that its awesome. Couldnt look away its so bad.
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