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Today marks the 200th episode of The +Nerdist Podcast! Huzzah! We're celebrating by giving you the tools for a podcast of your very own. Enter to WIN a Yeti and Snowball microphone from Blue Micrphones! Sign up on our contest page, then share this post and comment below to score bonus entries.
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I always wanted a cool-looking microphone to go on the desktop.
I adore my Snowball. I'd love a couple more!
Thank you and well done on two hundred lovely, delightful episodes!
Stan E
Finally, an opportunity to start my fanfic podcast about American Colonials using telekinesis to fend off wild frontier animal monsters. Must have!!!!!!!

Congrats on 200 guys!
GREAT giveaway guys. Congrats. :)
Ri G
Has it been 200 already? Whoo!
Wow. I remember when you were a baby podcast. They grow up so fast!
Two Hundred?! Wow. It seems like only yesterday that i was a young lad, watching Singled Out, quiet as a mouse whilst attempting to vigorously rub one out...
200! I haven't missed a single one, and wont for as long as I have ears.
I've been sharing a lot of in-jokes with friends, and we've now made "Leo Murray!" our own thing as well.
Nerdist is Awesome! So many great features!
i remember listening to the very first one
I would love these! I'm working on getting into professional voiceovers and have been looking at microphones :)
Ok, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but, what use is a microphone like this to someone who isn't a radio personality? Is it for looking at or does it do something special?
I'd love one of these microphones :D
Love the show, want those mics. Keep it up kids.
excellent! awesome giveaway... something i can really use productively
This would be awesome! I'm just working to start a new podcast and this would be an amazing starting gift!!!!
Yes, please. Having a quality microphone would make the decision to plunge into podcasting so much easier!
I could really use these for my own podcast!
The world years to hear my stupid, stupid mouth.
This would be a great way for me to start up my own pod cast!!
This would be the final push for me to start a podcast.
As the owner of a gaming website coming up on its first year anniversary, these mics would help us out tremendously in our quest to start up our podcast.
Congrats on 200 episodes!
Congratulations on 200 (now give me a microphone!)
What finer way to celebrate than with the return of Kevin Smith (well, I can think of a couple, but he'll do just fine). A toast to 200 more! Huzzah!
I need teh mic! :D Congrats on 200, Nerdist.
I was just thinking about buying the Blue Yeti the other day when it was the tigerdirect (I think?) deal of the day. Had to get some other much needed computer hardware instead though (upgrading from a Pentium 4 to an i3!). Still will have to get one at some point to record an audiobook podcast.
A friend and I were just discussing these very microphones...would love to win one so I can finally stop using my lame $10 USB mic to record with!
Awesome! Gotta thank Geek and Sundry for the into to your channel.
I can't believe that God-awful waste of time Dancing With The Stars is still on the air.
Awesome stuff. We should be recording out 8th or 9th episode of Constantly Calibrating around that time, so those mics would sure come in handy. :)
Think like pro, these mics will make you sound like one.
Veronica Belmont gives these mics a thumbs up, so they must be of high quality.
Love how much swag you guys give away. So effin awesome.
Congratulations on your 200th episode, Ive always wanted a proper mic for my desktop.
im doing 3 podcast on a horrible 90s mic right now, this would be amaza z zing.
Jen M.
this is such an awesome giveaway!
Excellent idea, and if I win I really won’t have an excuse not to finally start my cast :D
Always have the greatest giveaways!!! It would be intense to win one!!
I've wanted a Blue Microphone ever since I did some research on the subject after seeing your post just now!
<3 The Nerdist and <3 Blue Microphones... It's just a whole lotta <3 <3!!
These are nice looking microphones. Thanks for the giveaway!
Long time fan who was indeed inspired to start her own podcast. These mics would make a world of difference for our sound quality!
I've got a face for podcasting and I'm ready to win!
I'm feeling pretty good about this...
+Nerdist is my favorite podcast. Without it, I wouldn't be able to endure the repetitive, cubicle-based, spreadsheet-ridden hell I have to sit through for 8 hours a day.
This would be awesome, I would cast all kinds of pods!
Shared! Already own one Yeti mic that I purchased but love it and would love another mic to use for my podcast Geek Pilgrims!
Hope I win! I need a good microphone to start my radio show!
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