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Wheeeeeeeeaton! Check out our interview with +Wil Wheaton, as we sit down to talk about the debut of TNT's "Falling Skies" after-show "2nd Watch" and +Geek and Sundry's "Tabletop."
When the first season of Falling Skies ended in a pretty shocking cliffhanger, we immediately wanted to talk about it with someone. Sure, we finally caught up to actress Jessy Schram this week to talk...
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I didnt watch much of the first season but this one will be better than the one before it.
An interesting read and some good points made about how mainstream media needs to accept the "revolution" instead of the law suits and trying to quash it.

The first season really gripped me, it aired recently as a second look before the new season starts...I now can't wait for the second season and since this will be aired online I hope to watch this too. 
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