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WATCH +Chris Hardwick discuss more about Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead with creator Robert Kirkman, +True Blood's Joe Manganiello and actor Lew Temple in the latest bonus footage from Talking Dead.
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Chris S
They announced a special guest for next week. Guess that means another character is dying.
Chris S
+Chip Johnson, funny enough, I had a conversation about that last night. Not simply why it exists but also why it's so successful. (We know it's successful because not only did they bring it back but they also made it longer.) They are resurrecting the water cooler conversations of yesteryear. In the internet age, we've lost the common space to engage in discussions about shows - instead simply shouting about our excitement and thoughts in the form of non-conversational tweets and status updates. The show simulates, but does not fully replicate, getting some people together to actually have a conversation about a show they enjoy. It's pretty awesome that way.
Why does it exist? In a word: Zombies. It doesn't hurt that the characters are interesting and the show has a good budget, zombies don't seem to be losing any pop culture steam these days.

Plus. Glen kicks ass.
What is the reason behind not opening up for all to view this? "uploader has not made it available in your country".
I do believe Lew was hitting on Joe a bit there. Not that I blame him. At all.
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