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Neon Sturm
Mehr Wissen, mehr verstehen, mehr wissen - irgendwann kann aber keiner mehr folgen!
Mehr Wissen, mehr verstehen, mehr wissen - irgendwann kann aber keiner mehr folgen!
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Who wants to hear the trump-remix?
But be warned: "There is a demon inside" :)

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Punish the stupid.
As if they couldn't detect target speed and use an appropriate counter-weapon.

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Walls never stop the rich, only the poor.
If we separate the rich from the poor, we promote the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer which is never a good thing for the majority.

You can't force someone out(side an area) if the peoples within don't agree on that.
Neither should you be able to force someone in(to a prison) if there are outside peoples which would happily live with them.

The golden rule applies - your violence should mirror someone else's violence until he agrees to stay away from you only. (and the wall IS mental violence)

It is not like we are living in ancient China where peoples did not have planes or so much international travel - A wall is not effective for protection anymore, except it were a 3-Dimensional bubble.

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I laughed when I read that the sentence for Deutschland/Germany is "This video is not available in your country". is Germany the only country where this appears that often?

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Illegale BRD in Deutschland
Ilegal BRD in Germany

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Have you already looked at

Companies which can pay out more than 50 peoples or 5x the bare minimum size needed in that branch should owe a depth to society.

Nobody should be allowed to have >10% market share, even if it means that mass-fabricating companies need to buy serial-numbers and can buy only every 10th. The exception is a minimum of serial-numbers for small companies.

Medium-sized companies between and big ones should owe the developer a reasonable research cost and a payment equal to at 1/2 the bosses income (or don't use your product).
X more developers income compares to 1/2 of X more bosses' income - for the average time needed for research.

––– If you like this idea, spread it around so that peoples start using this idea for proper fair licenses ––– idea by NeonSturm aka frameworld –––

Welcome to GLINOS
The "GNU/Linux Neocortex Operating System"

Warning: Consciousness inconsistency!
To avoid memory inconsistency, the long term memory system will be disabled for now.

… to be continued …
… continues to be …
Welcome to Microsoft NOS, our brand new product!

No consistent consciousness detected.

… continue two bee …
… two bee continued …
From 1 to 5, 5 being the best, how funny do you think is this joke?

Or just say 0, nil or nothing, if you have no idea what I mean.
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