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It seems that a whole lot of people have circled me for some strange reason, so please tell me a bit about yourself, and which circles I should put you into.
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Nenad, I believe you circled me first, so I circled back :) I'm a CTO, Enterprise Architect, but also a roleplaying geek and a dad. I probably belong in rpg circles or geek stuff ;) You're currently in my RPG circle which is a broad one which includes internet culture and other things of geek value. You're currently not in my "geeky computer stuff" circle which is mostly about tech and games - let me know if you want to be dropped in there.
I think I’ve had you in my Gamedev circle for quite a while now, but, you know) I’m an indie game designer developing this baby: in Unity3D. I also write essays, post stupid 9gag pics and shit :-)
I see to be posting Science / Poltics / Nature
I don't know if you circled me first or the other way around, anyway I'm a programmer, and my passions are tabletop RPGs, LARPs, and Star Wars. And I run a Star Wars LARP in Italy.
I followed a shared circle of Game Developers (Ludum Dare related), and I think that's how you end in my circles. I'm a physicist (!) which is trying to make (software) games (!!). I don't really post too much (G+ is not hype enough to my friends), but please add me to the software development circle. Thanks!
You are in my Funster circle. I am an English teacher. Go figure!
Mike L.
I'm studying computer science in Germany and I added you for your role playing posts, especially your blog.
I think at the moment you are in my "strangers with candy" circle but I'll have to re-organize and make a rpg circle anyway.

+Søren Staun Biangslev (nice that I don't have to figure out how to type the danish ö) Geek stuff & role playing please xD
I also added you from the shared ludum dare circle from +Sos Sosowski I'm a software engineer and am working on a games start-up on the side. So anything tech, programming, or game related would be cool.

Anything about philosophy would be cool too if you have a circle where you talk about that.
Likely due to an RPG share - Hi! I'm Greg!
- I added you from the Ludum Dare circle as well. I'm a web designer/programmer, high school student, and hobbyist video game programmer.
Nice to meet you!
I am a gamer/amateur board game developer. So gamer ;-)
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