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Honest question; does Android get much value out of being based on Java? Its got its own VM and libraries and APIs. What parts of the mainstream Java ecosystem does Android benefit from?
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Some would say guice is not a benefit. Your overall point stands though.
A familiar language with clear semantics. Tools. Lots of open source code. Decent documentation -- JavaDoc and the way it's used is a big help.

(Objective C was a better hack than C++ in 1983. Now it's just hacky.)
Man! We spent 3 hours last night debugging a C program crashing in the JPEG decoder.

It turns out a compiler switch set enums to be 1 byte. So the code passed in structs of the wrong size for the JPEG library.

The C languages are saddled with assembly language macros and linking. #including interface definition text rather than symbols! What a bad idea.
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