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We’ve concluded our investigation into the serious allegations about our use of data from Mocality’s website in Kenya. We’re very sorry this happened. We’ve taken appropriate action with the people involved and made changes in our operations to ensure this doesn’t occur again.
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Hey +Nelson Mattos. Thanks for the update and I am glad we are taking steps to be sure nothing like this happens again.
What action have you taken? Anybody sacked?
What action have you taken and who was involved? +Nelson Mattos . You statement is not re-assuring and is more general. Iridium Interactive is said to be your agent which was doing all the bad things. The problem is that it is not the policy of Iridium Interactive but it is the policy of Google driven by all policy managers in Africa
It appears the VP is sweeping this under his feet. How can we Google clients be sure that our data is not unethically used? No reassurance provided and responsibility accepted.
Additionally, the issue of reparations to Mocality has not been mentioned!!
This statement doesn't say anything... i would like to see an official response, not just a two line post, about how is Google going to solve this issue and prevent it from happening again. What was the problem, who is behind it, was the big Google aware of it, what exactly are your actions now?
The Google I know has a very strong culture of honesty and openness within the company. I don't understand how it could have been subverted like that, and once subverted I don't see how it could be fixed so quickly. What changes were made?
An unsatisfactory response. Was this a concerted effort? Was Google "illegally" or even "unethically" accessing Mocality's database? Or was the issue the verbal comments being made by one or more employees? Was this happening as described (with direct Google net accesses from USA as well as India)?
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