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LOL...this was interesting...

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Ha! "Are you a naturally annoying person?"
As someone brought up JW this rocks
I like a Chinese on Wednesdays, but Indian on Friday or Saturday, so I am torn between Hinduism and Buddhism

And it looked so simple at the start
boring generic christian....proudly !
Buddhism comes from India and is generally atheistic
i dont fit but its fab...
Ha ha, a better title would be Flowchart for choosing your neurological disorders.
don't play with the religions moron.. its not cool.
........with my family history pretty much they either want to convert me or burn me :)
umm I could add something but I shall remain quiet...
Don't you think a post like this is like mocking God?
As a gnostic neosatanic self-help cultist I feel marginalized and left out.
Chill bro.
If you start taking jokes seriously, we all know it's gonna hafta be a neurological disorder with you
+Andrew D i think God / Gods are big enough men / women / entities to take a little fun poking.......if not i'm guessing your worshiping the wrong god / gods.
Li Chow
this picture is perfectly clear
+Michael Gardner
I guess you ain't worshipping no God at all.... if so you would show a little respect.... and if you do.... I doubt it you even care about Him. Anyway.... wrong of me to even have written anything in here.
If interpret this as a "logical problem" or a "search for an answer" I would take the shortest path denying to give a positive answer to any question :)
Jesus Christ, what's with all these idiots reiterating imbecilic religious rhetoric on every damn (a)theism-associated post? I don't know about you guys, I'm really starting to get annoyed by them. I'm a Theist and a Christian (as shown on my profile's "About" section), but you don't see me making ignorant, closed-minded posts all the time. Additionally, this is meant to be taken lightheartedly, so everyone needs to stop thinking this is an attack on their beliefs.

I hate Theists for giving theism a bad name. (sigh)
Really no #iReligion? Where you make a salad of all the bits you like and leave the unsavory bits. No obligations & all the holidays
Pretty funny but its missing a footnote, something like: If you instantly realize the flaw in asking people what ultimate truth they would LIKE/WANT rather than anything evidence based, jump directly to HUMANIST/ATHEIST/AGNOSTIC. everyone else loses a turn and can go screw themselves. science prevails over idiocy once again.
+Andrew D Which god is it mocking? There are thousands, you know.
I like that any religious-based comment, even though the chart makes fun of many, is really only in defense of the one version of magic space ghost that individual believes in. come only Christians are boring and generic?
i don't know about other Christians but the christians I know are certainly not boring.............
I'll take the religion that gets me the most paid time off from
hhahahahah lol this is hilarious!
I want to be a boring generic Christian but i ended up as being a Jew :)
Wow, flame wars on in G+. I thought we'd all forever be nice aristocratic princes polite to each other to a fault. I'm thankful to the +Flying Spaghetti Monster that we are seeing a new upsurge in flames on G+. :wipes tear:
Mormon's have magic skivvies!?
Im a boring generic christian.... and proud of it :) of course i love bacon!
I should be a Jehova's Witness? WTF???
Follow your heart, not the chart.
,A fact is by THE ALMIGHTY GOD JESUS CHRIST is my LORD&SAVIOUR! Sir.its impossible to give and answer based on facts in your case when stay upon assumption and opinionating about anything and just because a thing seems logical to do unto you,is not a fact and does not cause harm are tragedy.another fact I say JESUSCHRIST came into my flesh my cannot say this very statement.therefore I say find JESUSCHRIST ask him to come into your heart and be your LORD&SAVIOUR:there is something you must do first repent of your sins.
The first question presupposes theology in the first place - ho-hum
Jesus was a Zombie this day, 2k years ago
i cant read this off my small computer :P
i like that phrase Mri Pirim LOL
both Muslims and Jews love humus )
i love bacon bacon bacon bacon. yummy. cookie and bacon monster.
The only ones who teach the truths from the Bible are Jehovah's Witnesses. Why choose any other faith?
and if you cannot spell properly you are a boring christian
Awww crap... I guess this means I'm a Muslim now. :(
You might want to check your facts on the mormon underwear being "magical". If you want to know about it search, it will clear up any misguidances. This isnt intended to be rude btw, im just clearing things up.
Aw man... I love Indian food and bacon...
actualy most jews like Hummes... it sould have been "do you like alcohol" muslems dont drink it
I like that no one takes religion seriously. But, it's not what you think I mean.
It doesnt matter at this point, every living soul will be back to Jerusalem, for the battle of Jehosephat!! Jesus was a Jew!
If God didn't have a sense of humor this planet would be a dustball........
MY answers are as follows: None and No . . .
Bacon curry is pretty damned tasty. And the low carb recipe for matza balls calls for ground up fried pork rinds. Given enough time, any recipe can be deliciously blasphemous.
Cute, funny, etc. But the characterization of Buddhism is wrong.
Story K, faith is irrelevant to laughter.
my religion is very wierd,i dont even wanna think of tha thngs they do.
Plz respect all the religions
OK. Me again. I shudder to think what this thread would look like on faecesbook.
I can only assume this is created with tongue placed deep inside cheek? Haha, very good anyway.
I love how a person's liking of bacon differs them from being jewish or muslim...
Heh.. If you're rich and insane you should be a scientologist. Awesome.
We need an escape branch from atheism that's activated near the limit of mortality :)
That chart is missing the, "What is the definition of God?" option... :o/
I noticed that Santa got left out! Santa the God of materialism who actually pays a real visit to us every year! I saw him last year at the shopping mall! lol! Praise Santa!
Funny, love it, print it displayed it. lol
I'm torn. I'm Christian because of my parents, but I think multiple gods are cool (But not correct). So I became a Wiccan. Sweet. If I kept with one God, I'd be a Jew. I just don't like bacon or hummus...
When you get tired of flowing in this chart...

  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." -Resurrection Himself a.k.a. Yeshua
Wow!!!! I read some of the comments here..REALLY....?Do you see yourselves in this Joke??If you do..then your support system(religion) isn't too strong in you..I'm Just sayin''!!
@ Bill Murray - at least we can read the other comments, unlike your phrases
I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing I did this with 5 people and it works perfectly all 5 *
Cant it be just GOD....?? People get all bent outta shape...STFU
+Crystal Franklin you hit it right on the spotwith your comment!:

When the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money,

telling them, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep.’

If this report gets to the governor, we will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble.”

That is Lies Financial Co.? LOL. a.k.a. Religion? -right on the spot!

Seek the Kingdom of God First.
this just offended so many people. But still hilarious.
can we get a location based one? Like if you're from south carolina you are baptist, Utah is mormon, mexico is catholic, etc.etc.m
+Andrew D It's not mocking god if you're an atheist. Then, it would be mocking the people that believe in a god. Justifiably so, I might add. People choose their religion either by tradition (born into it), or, by their own personal preferences. There's no evidence for the existence of any god and definitely no way we could know its true thoughts or intentions if there were. We choose our god(s) or religious denomination based on OUR personal beliefs and ideas of what a perfect god or religion should be. It's really that simple. If you don't agree, how did YOU decide which religion (or god) was the right one? And how did you rule out the other religions of the world? I'm really interested in any theist's answers to these questions. If I'm wrong, please explain.
woah bub dont mess with us boring generic christians
Im a Jew who like pork. Im a proud oxymoronic Jew
LMAO! "How do you feel about bacon/hummus?"
Lol nice. Found this very entertaining.
People can't save by his religion.but fate to Jesus Christ..
+Andrew D the boy Ganesha was brought to see me some years back by his guardians. It would be impossible for me to have faith as the basis of faith is not knowing for sure. I know for sure the gods have a great sense of humor although people like you do try their patience.

let me tell you a little story

A man holy man was traveling to see God (insert your particular religion here)

on his journey he came across two men the first a devout austere man who prostrated himself before god flagellating himself hourly for his ungodly thoughts. On seeing the holy man he asked him to ask god how long it would be before he himself would reach paradise . (insert your particular heaven etc here)

The holy man traveled on and came upon the second man drinking singing dancing. He also stopped the holy man and asked the same question.

On his return from god the holy man came first upon the austere man. He asked the holy man did god answer my question? Yes said the holy man god says it will take one more lifetime for you to attain paradise . At this the man burst into tears saying how was he to endure such pain and suffering again. The holy man left after comforting him.

A little while later the holy man happened upon the man singing, dancing and drinking who beckoned him over and asked if the holy man had asked god when he would attain paradise. Yes said the holy and pointed at a nearby tree saying "you see the leaves on that tree that is how many lives you will have to live before you attain paradise"

Oh well said the man and continued to sing and dance, and at that moment he attained paradise. << a bit easier flowchart for tho who cannot think themself
Any deity that could be offended by an amusing cartoon is not worthy of worship. Rather than the deity being offended, isn't it more likely that his or her fawning followers are the ones actually offended? Just trying to clarify.
Interesting but bullshit. Buddhism doesn't believe in a lot of Gods.
not true ... but interesting point of view
The thing about christians I don't get is why they build so many churches, I could count the ones on my road, but I don't have enough fingers and toes! 
Haha ! Boring generic Christian ?? I am not the one :D
Wow… is this really what America has turned in to? Making fun of others people's religion. 
This is 4 edits!!!!! Don't lead them in the wrong way! 
wow thats really wrong
and totally does not work
My love for bacon just might save my soul.
apparently i should be a morman... or a buddhist. ironic. i used to have a black cat and wicken seems fun...
+Story Kizorsen Agnostic would have needed a 4th column for the very first question. How many gods do you want to worship? "I don't know" would need to be an option. That would lead directly to the answer of agnostic. :)
"A Ton Of Them" should not lead to Buddhism, which is a non-theistic faith. Fail.
Wow man the chart is 80% correct

budhism has come from india, so its an indian religion, not a chinese!
I'm a catholic and I prefer Indian take outs. Am I weird haha.
So Religeous Education in one flow chart, excellent, saves a lot of time.
+Yuchen Gao There seem to be more of the hostile sorts on both sides, actually. It's a little disappointing, as many are people I love to follow when they talk about anything else!
Okay, but then FLDS are Mormons.
+ally khan, it did come from india, and it is considered an indian denomintaion, but it is most prevalent in china, because the majority of buddhist roots were diminishing in india in the ancient world, therefore it makes sense that it falls under the "chinese takeout" category.

i am right, dont doubt me, even though im only 12....
This is great especially if you are just starting out and have no idea what you should be! lol
Do you love bacon? Are you especially annoying? Do you think Underwear can be magical? LMAO
-I have no idea how that makes some one a witness but its hilarious if you consider those as qualifications.
ah.... who created this chart... i don't think underwear can be magical to Mormon... sorry it can be Jehovah's witness lol...
This is great especially if you are just starting out and have no idea what you should be! lol
Do you love bacon? Are you especially annoying? Do you think Underwear can be magical? LMAO
-I have no idea how that makes some one a witness but its hilarious if you consider those as qualifications.
Hahahaha the "are the rich and insane?" question
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Hopefully If I hookup a few people, (no pun intended)
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The flowchart starts too early, why should I even acknowledge the god question at all?
im glad to know that im a true Atheist !!!!
This is reallly funny... but extremely stupid...soo idk what to say to that:p
I have got everyone beat, my parents chose to have me circumsized when I was born, then also chose to have me baptized a catholic and then had me grow up in a German heritage state. Where is my advantage in that one? Would you please if you read this send me this back with your option.
Is this all Google + is for? All I ever see on here are garbage posts like this.
you guys dont need to be offended...
Science is super set religion, whereas all existing religions became subset religions of Science Super Set Religion...
I'm already an Atheist...
Blake C
who said generic christians are boring
i love hummus ... actually the best & famous food kind in muslim world are the Dates "التمر"
Absolutely right, if you don't like it you shouldn't part in here, Andrew. Find John Chang's comment hilarious, btw, but that likely just shows where I would ends up in this flow chart. Peace.
I'm a Christian and that chert has nothing to do with how to decide which religion you choose.
Amusing. :) But "atheism" isn't a religion.
No religion is worth subscribing to unless it involves blessings from Bachchus (& his bastard half brother Busch)!
Um, what about Great Vehicle Buddhism. Buddha and the bodhisattvas seems a lot like gods. And, while originating in India, many more people now follow it in China, and most follow the Great Vehicle variety. The chart is not, arguably, so inaccurate.
this means im off the chart, thats funny I like it so clear now
good gref theres only one god read the bible
found mine in 2 steps, None, No
#FAIL there's no way to get to Quakerism.
Dav Bob
Who was god before the bible was written then? And which bible should i read? There are as many bibles as there are gods..
im a christian but it said i was a mormon.......
Religion spoils the beauty, wonder and mystery of it all.

why haven't all religions morphed into mythology?
I gotta laugh, erm is that a religion?
Wow. i like how all the other religion options are just there name and the Christian is boring and generic.. Way to put us down.
Religion helps you look up to something and always feel safe.
Ha, I like how Scientology is next to Atheist. Would of liked to seen a choice for Agnostic.
So is it me or dose it seem like when ever religion is discused on g+ the same sad group of people (me included) come out to argue with eachother
Nice trolling. For your information I am a mormon, and I find this really insulting. Think about how this makes church going people feel. >:(
People don't need religion , people need Jesus
According to this graph, atheists and insane rich folks have far less things to worry about. :) Kind of true. :)
I only believe in greek gods because they are the original ones
Fellas!! Stop getting technical... the fun dies when you do so. Awesome post... liked the rich and insane bit!
I believe in the only One and thats God the savoir
Eric D
Hahahaha that's GREAT !!! 
OMG, it's Mithras! Jesus started following the roman God and was condemned by the leaders of his peoples faith!

Don't you people read?
Me again. Do you really want to insult a person's religion on Easter Sunday and the week after Lent? Just Sayin'.
+Viggo Jamne , I have to agree with you to some degree. The stereotypical Christian church has definitely sold out to consumerism, and you don't have to look far to see that. Coffee shops in churches, Christian Bookstores essentially "selling God", dating websites like ChristianMingle, etc.

While I don't particularly agree with everything everyone in the Christian community is doing, I do believe that it's important to at least surround yourself with the body of Christ for the well-being of the self, and those around us. A burning coal left alone will burn out relatively quickly, but a burning pile of coal takes a very long time to burn out on its own. I just don't think Christianity works well with the "do it yourself" mentality.

There's benefits to the church and there are detriments for sure. Perhaps it all depends on the person, I don't know. I guess this is just my 2 cents.
My religion views weren't described there...
this guy who post the picture is very xtra dumb
this is just a superficial and lighter side of religion. It is very clear that the guy who created this chart knows zilch about any of the religions
I posted this a while back, but was disappointed to find out that Dudeism wasn't on here. Also, I was upset that everyone took this too seriously and somehow became offended by it.
Um.... sure Story K. If you find my response as funny as faith.
It is encouraging to see that so many people see the funny side of this. What is not so encouraging is the obscene minority that find it offensive or wrong. Take note: This is the same personality type that would happily kill in the name of their fictitious diety, these are the same type of people that discriminate against gay people & these are the very type of person that would strap explosives to themselves & take out as many innocent bystanders as they can, all in the name of a mythical sky daddy. Your belief deserves my contempt. Have a great day.
Haha. This is great. Quit being so serious people! We're all on the same level here no matter what beliefs we claim...we're all stuck here on earth and have no choice but to coexist. 
Story K, this post is funny. Not sure why you're getting serious? (rhetorical)
Story K, atheists are trolls? What religion is that?
What if My Mother is Jewish and my Father is e Italian Catholic (Jew Wap) :) and I also own a pair of Magical Undies???
Victor, you mean like the Palestinians defending their homes from the Israelites?
war is never fine. as long as we believe that we have a god to justify what we do there will never be peace.
I dont do war, I dont have a god that makes me believe that I'm superior, like Sean for example. I just say it the way I see it.
Good grief, stop taking this so seriously. How come there's no category labeled, "Be a Pragmatic Humanist?"
Faith isn't a joke or chance, but religion is the oddest power and force on this planet. Any human, Atheist or, Church, Scientologist, Agnostic, it still takes faith to believe that there is or isn't a God.
See, I won't be offended by this post because the Church of Latter-Day Dude does not allow it. To everyone getting offended by this post, chill out. It's very un-Dude.
If religion is a human idea, the idea isn't the harm.
Im just proud to say im here to live another day thnk u god/jesus
Did you delete your statement earlier? But you said you knew some trolls. Lmao. In regards to religion, it's still on.
Karen it also says in Acts, if you hold any money give it to the church or die, withhold any same thing. 
He sitting so high but watching so low becareful what you say
+Victor Abbott that one has zombies right the whole valley in the shadow of death stuff right. Cuz I belive in the christian god... I just think he's an ass hole
+Madison Mellark If someone told you they believed that fairies were living in their garden or that they had a leprechaun living in the tree in their backyard, wouldn't you poke just a little fun at them? Seriously, wouldn't you? Sarcasm is our self-defense against stupidity. When we stop being critical of irrational thoughts, we've stop caring if we believe things that are true or false. I only want to believe things which are true (no matter what that truth ends up being). I've searched long and hard, heard all the arguments, and read all the (supposed) proofs for the existence of god and am nowhere near convinced. Convince me or stop being offended for holding an irrational belief. It's that simple.
Demonizing anything = not awesome.
Well welcome to the cult of mithras, all christians did was change the name.

As it goes not a bad demon, I sure he'll save a few, but still not top on the Gods chart. 
I'm a Jehovah's Witness!
+chris currence well it dose not matter faith and religion are not equal. Are you familiar with asatru or any pagan religions for that matter please read the eddas and take a close look at the havamal and please have an opean mind.
Nonsense interpretation.Know the basics of a religion first.
Lmao, mention anything negative about "religion" and see how many people get their panties all up in a wad...
Catch up. This was going around Google+ about 4 months ago.
Faith=beliveing religion is what the filter is. that is the the best I can give you +chris currence there's a wiki page for this but never completly trust a wiki
+Victor Abbott I'm seeking knowledge. Do we learn things by guessing? Do we use our emotions to determine truth? How do we learn the things we determine to be true? By what process? I want to believe things which are true. Isn't that a logical goal? Why is it logical to believe that there's a god? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence before belief should be given. Belief isn't the default position, disbelief is. Think about it.
belief, you don't have to have it to be religious. Think about budha he never said any thing about gods. And yet he still started a religion. So religion is a folk practace not a matter of faith. Again I'm bad at wording things if you want the defanition use the wiki page but only read the first paragraph because anything else is questionable
I only saw "boring generic Christian". Could you please add "crazy fundamentalist Christian" somewhere?
+Sean Donaldson I only ask this question because most people don't use the actual definition of "faith" when they speak of faith. People have their own personal definition of faith and it can easily be used to justify almost any irrational belief we can imagine. A good philosophy on life seems to be useful but never claims certainty. It can be improved upon or updated when proven harmful or unfit for society. It never claims that a being exists. It only tries to find the best ideas on a particular subject. Religions are filled with good philosophy. But, we shouldn't ignore the bad in them either. This is where it gets dangerous. Accepting it ALL as absolute truth and failing to recognize it's mistakes has caused many problems throughout history.
+Viggo Jamne re: your post on athiesm being a religion. Athiesm is the lack of a belief in a diety. Not necessarily the belief that there is no diety. A subtle, but very important difference. The article you posted fails in the first sentence.
After further reading... the article defines atheism as something that it is not, then attacks that thing. Classic straw man.
As a joke, ha ha but not so funny. Might have been a little more interesting if it was a little more close to reality. BTW hummus is Jewish. 
What is lost if the believer is wrong in the road he takes? Then again what if he is right and you are not a believer. Who has the most risk here?
All are accepted, use your belief to bring everyone peace and bliss.
I guess im a boring christian =\
+Lakshya Bakshi
you have a very good knowledge base, but as you said that buddhism is
most prevalent in china, than what about hindusm? As you have so good knowledge base than you must know that hindusm is most prevalent in nepal, not in india (about 81%). N for your kind knowledge i would like to tell you that hindusm is'nt a particular religion but a group of religion in india who admires statues. I hope this knowledge will be usefull in your school projects ;). Good luck dude :)
+Sean Donaldson, Stalin killed sweet fuck all compared to the Christian crusaders & christian the inquisitioners the Islamic jihadists & the Israel occupiers in Palestine. You really don't have a clue, do you?
Oh and you weren't kidding when you said you can't express yourself in writing. Though you have the audacity to call me ignorant.
You need to go to a real school, learn to read & write, then have a crack at history & biology. Then & only then, can you have an opinion. Until then, do the right thing, and shut the fuck up.
With regards to the definition of faith. Faith is to believe without question or proof.
+Lakshya Bakshi
you have a very good
knowledge base, but as you
said that buddhism is
most prevalent in china, than
what about hindusm? As you
have so good knowledge base
than you must know that
hindusm is most prevalent in
nepal, not in india (about
81%). N for your kind
knowledge i would like to tell
you that hindusm is'nt a
particular religion but a group
of religion in india who
admires statues. I hope this
knowledge will be usefull in
your school projects ;)
what i really like about this is that we can't +1 anyones comments:(
Well yes. However they don't want to believe that they are related to us and those d** goys who just celebrated a reasonably important event in a town in a country they don't own.
<~~ boring Christian forgot to +1 the post.. lol.. now i can +1...yeahhhhh
I am a Buddhist, and I do not worship any gods, may all beings be free from suffering and the root of suffering
Thank you everone for your participation on this post - it was a barn burner...and it reperesents how incredibly awesome google+ is!!!! Thank you +Vic Gundotra for all you do for the community here.
Buddhists don't worship any god.....
carl you are correct,we recognize all creation as 'god'.
in its current usage,god is separate,controlling, judging.
which are all made up to control,and instill fear.
the GOD of religion thrives and needs you to fear it,which is a misnomer.
he who needs to control,has none,he who needs worship is not worthy.
it is only one god, which is the god the father the son and the holy spirit
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