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Ok everyone in my circles...i need you to back me here.

I need everyone that can to rally behind me to get +JR Stoner to let me play one of his custom guitars for +BlackLabel Rocks! show June 22nd (if he has one available, that isn't pre-sold).

Lets see how many +1's shares or comments we can get here :)
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+Nels Griffin I say put a bag over your head and cut the top off. He'll think you're Satriani and you'll be IN!!!!
I think, +JR Stoner  if you let him play, he's going to fall even deeper in love with your guitars and will give up all costly vices to save up for one.  A pure win/win situation there.
Seriously his guitars are beautiful! - he is suuuper cool and probably will do what he can im sure :)
Hey, give him a shot with the guitar, please.
+Nels Griffin Shared, and make sure you read it, there's an offer in there for you if you ever find yourself down under.
dear +JR Stoner, you should hear this guy +Nels Griffin he's a really great musician and it's gonna be absolutely smashing if you let him loose with your guitar at the BlackLabel Rocks show. pretty pretty pretty please let him play. rock on!
Sounds like +JR Stoner is down with working it out!! - - thank you everyone for the support! - thanks to +JR Stoner  - everyone here if you hant yet, he is well worth circling!
The Stoner guitar is pretty sweet, but I still think that mine is a little cooler.
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