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Nellie K. Adaba
Works at Easy Learn Italian (Marco Guglielmi)
Attends International School of Linguists (ISLinguists)
Lives in Mamaroneck, NY
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Nellie K. Adaba

Conjugaison  - 
Voici des  liens utiles pour apprendre et pratiquer la conjugaison des verbes en français ( au  passé, présent ou  futur):
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J'utilise la page de Le Figaro.
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Nellie K. Adaba

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Repose en paix Cesaria Evora. Rest in Peace Cesaria Evora.
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Salut +Nellie K. Adaba 

Nellie K. Adaba

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I want to see this one, I saw the 2011, and some of the older ones. I love the Muppets since the 80s and 90s.
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Nellie K. Adaba

Videos Or Youtube  - 
Yes, he is so right
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+Rita Brackett Especially adults.
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Nellie K. Adaba

50th Anniversay  - 
It means a lot to me. I love Doctor Who since 2007. I'm watching it on TV and at the movie theatres/cinema/bioscope.
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Nellie K. Adaba

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Excellent TED talk. Proud of my fellow Belgian countryman. Excellente présentation TED, fière de mon compatriote belge.
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Nellie K. Adaba

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Genius. Génie.
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Nellie K. Adaba

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Thanks a lot, very appeciated, I just got my vita on December 26, 2013.
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+John Ward , thanks, ok, I will try to put you in a circle if some of my posts are private.

Nellie K. Adaba

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Parfaite interview de mon compatriote Stromae
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Oui je les adore
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Nellie K. Adaba

Videos Or Youtube  - 
I love Alicia Keys, SWV, En Vogue, and TLC since the beginning.
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I agree, they are so pretty too.
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Nellie K. Adaba

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Bonne reprise de la chanson de mon cher Stromae.
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Nellie K. Adaba

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Pas mal comme imitation de mon cher Omar Sy.
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  • International School of Linguists (ISLinguists)
    NYCDOE Interpreter Preparation, 2014 - present
    New York City Dept of Education Interpreter Preparation - training certification course, and Safeguarding Vulnerable People. School sponsored and recommended by thebigword (language services provider).
  • NYU SCPS (New York University-School of Continuing and Professional Studies)
    Translation Certificate Programme, 2007 - present
  • Westchester Community College
    AA-Liberal Arts/Humanities, 2000 - 2004
  • Iona College
    BA/MA Spanish/Italian Cum Laude, 2004 - 2009
  • Mamaroneck High School
    High School Diploma, 1999 - 2000
    Got my High school Diploma, only did 1 year (my last year-Senior Year) in NY State.
  • Magruder High School
    n/a, 1996 - 1999
    I did Freshman (first year), Sophomore year (second year), and Junior year (third year). Didn't finish High School in MD, moved to NY in 1999 to finish my last year.
Basic Information
Freelance Translator/Proofreader and Consecutive Interpreter - French, English, Spanish.
I'm a French native speaker from  Brussels, Belgium (born in 1981). Mum is an English speaker from Trinidad (Caribbean) and Dad is a French speaker from Togo, West Africa.  I moved to Maryland in 94, then to NY, Westchester County in 99; went to Mamaroneck High school for my senior year, and then to Westchester Community College from 2000-4.
I obtained my Bachelors/Masters in Spanish (Cum Laude)  and with a Minor in Italian  from Iona College.

I'm currently working as a freelance translator/proofreader and
consecutive interpreter for Agencies and NGOs/nonprofits. I'm pursuing translation studies at NYU to earn my Translation Certificates.  I hope to become an accomplished author/writer/poet too.

I speak French, English, Spanish, and Italian (intermediate level).

ATA (American Translators Association) and NYCT (New York Circle of Translators) member.

Objectives/goals: Training in and learn how to use translation memory software/CAT tools/automation, localisation... Get more training in translation and interpreting, and get certified through associations, organisations, seminars/webinars...

Heritage Facts:

My Heritage: Belgian, Togolese, and Trinidadian

The languages are French, Belgian French dialects or variations (ie. Walloon, French from Brussels...), other languages: Dutch/Flemish and German... The religion is mostly Catholic. 

The name Belgium comes from the foremost inhabitants, the Belgae of Belgium. Belgae are a group of mostly Celtic tribes that came from the Roman province in northern Gaul, known as Gallia Belgica. Bello Gaellum( 

Belgium colonised Dem. Rep. of Congo (formerly known as Zaire), Rwanda and some other countries in (Western) Africa...

The official languages of Togo are French and Ewe, this country was colonised by France. They're mostly Catholic or another religion. In Trinidad they speak English (official language), patois/creole, Spanish. There's a mix of cultures, African, Indian, and Carib Indians, plus Chinese, white Europeans, Spanish, Portuguese... The religions are Hindu, Muslim, Protestant, Catholic and other denominations.... This Island was colonised by the Brits....

Ethnic Food Facts:
Belgium: Fries (in the US) or Chips (in the UK), Waffles, Wafers, Mashed potato, sausages, apple sauce, crêpes, ratatouille, bouillabaise, pot au feu... Togo: Foo foo, Agblo, Akple, dried fish, bari... Trinidad: Buss up shot which means burst up shirt, it's like Naan bread but thinner, Coconut Drops, Bread pudding, Fruit Cake, Chinese & Indian food....

Where I’ve been: Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Trinidad, Bermuda, Togo, USA-Maryland, NY, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Baltimore, Cleveland, Virginia

I would like to travel all over the world

Eclectic music personality: I love all types of music, whatever puts me in the mood.
I would also like  to become a musician (amateur) because I play the piano, and a dancer because I love to dance (Zumba). I love arts & crafts, toys & games, video games...

Bragging rights
Overcoming move from Belgium to the US (MD/NY), incl. developmental delays, primary school in Brussels(1980s-94), Middle School (Junior High/Junior Sec 94-96), Secondary (96-00) til Univ (2000-09) in the US , adult continuing ed/professional studies in translation certification (2007-present).
freelance translation/proofreading and consecutive interpreting in French, English, Spanish, some Italian to English and French translation/proofreading (general)
Written/document translation, sight translation, proofreading, Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, research, filing, typing, printing, scanning, data entry/database management, writing, languages... Translation/proofreading of documents dealing with legal, social, economic, environmental, political issues, health, social media/marketing, general... Spanish document review. Consecutive interpreting (legal, medical, and education).
  • Easy Learn Italian (Marco Guglielmi)
    Volunteer Translator/Proofreader, 2013 - present
    Proofing of Spanish, French, and English Translation of Italian language learning material for a website.
  • Translation Cloud
    Freelance Translator/Proofreader, 2011 - present
    (formerly known as Translation Services USA). Translation/proofreading of a variety of documents from English-French .
  • Ontranslation - Gestión de Proyectos de Traducción e Interpretación
    Freelance French-English/English-French Translator, 2013 - present
    Based in Barcelona. Technical/Legal translation. Used software Poedit for translation memory.
  • Quick Lingo
    Eng-Fr Translator, 2013 - present
  • Uncommissioned Art Squad
    Spanish-English Transcription and Translation, 2013 - present
    Stories of Latin American female street artists
  • Legal Language
    Consecutive Interpreting (Spanish/English), 2013 - present
    Got hired in 2009. Started working in March/April 2013. Spanish
  • Midland Language Center
    Translator/proofreader-Spanish/English/Spanish, 2013 - present
  • thebigword
    Consecutive Interpreter/Translator & Proofreader, 2012 - present
    French/English, Spanish/English consecutive interpreting for Parent teacher meeting/conference and for math testing students
  • Morningside Translations
    Spanish Doc Reviewer, 2012 - present
    Reviewing ligation cases - Spanish/English on Relativity software programme
  • Thor Sodha
    French-English Proofreading of Translations, 2012 - present
    English-French proofreading of fables
  • G. NIOOS (Thierry Graziani)
    French Translator, 2012 - present
  • Translated
    Freelance Translator/Proofreader - English, Spanish, Italian to French, 2012 - present
    general - correspondence/letters
  • Eriksen Translations Inc.
    French interpreter (consecutive)/translator proofreader, 2012 - present
    Interpreting for French-speaking math testing students and for asylum seeker. French-English proofreading of translation. Interpret in Spanish and English for Parent-Teachers Conferences.
  • Geneva Worldwide
    Spanish-English/French-English Consecutive Interpreter, 2012 - present
    Pre-Trial EBT, and Hearing/Depositions, IME.
  • Translators without Borders (TWB)-Traducteurs sans frontières (TSF)
    French-English/English-French Volunteer Translator, 2011 - present
    Translation of health issues, crisis, education, technology, job description, letters....
  • IntraTrad
    English-French translator, 2011 - present
    Technical translation of instruction manuals -mechanics/machines
  • ITI (Interpreters & Translators, Inc.)
    Freelance French/English Translator, 2011 - present
    personal documents
  • Ayni Translations
    French-English-Spanish Translation Volunteer, 2011 - present
    volunteer translation from Spanish into English or French - medical sector/environment
  • Link Translations
    Freelance Translator-French-Engish, 2011 - present
  • Legal Interpreting Services (LIS-Translations)
    Freelance Consecutive Interpreter-Spanish-English French, 2011 - present
    Interpret from and into English and Spanish for the Board/Dept of Education at Parent Teachers Conferences, the Legal Sector - Depositions (2015), medical exams, and interpret from and into English and French for Math test taking students. Spanish Medical interpeting (2015).
  • ITUC-CSI Translations
    Freelance translator, 2011 - present
  • Translation Services USA-Ackuna/Vooklan/Translation Cloud
    Freelance French translator/proofreader, 2011 - 2013
    Consecutive Interpreter, 2012 - 2012
    Spanish medical interpreting
    Freelance Translator, 2011 - 2012
  • Tellmealgo, Inc
    Freelance Spanish legal consecutive interpreter, 2011 - 2011
    IME, EBT/Depositions. Sight translation
  • Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO)
    French Translator/Proofreader, 2011 - 2011
    Volunteer Translator/proofreader. Re-publication of the book on Environmental Tracking (ET), use the ET Carbon Ranking, Scopes 1-3, encourage companies and organisations to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG), to fight/tackle climate change
  • Trustforte Language Services
    Freelance Translator/Proofreader-French-English-Spanish-Italian, 2010 - 2011
    Translated legal, financial, medical, and personal documents, and proofread/edited material from French, Spanish, and some Italian into English.
  • Dorothy Translations
    Freelance French translator, 2011 - 2011
  • Trickle Up
    French Interpreter, 2011 - 2011
    The organisation's new cloud-based financial/accounting and advanced training on Excel for three staff members. Trickle Up has offices in India, Central America (Guatemala) ,and West Africa (Mali). Trickle Up has consultative status with the UN. Interpreting simultaneously for a French-speaking colleague.
  • Loretto Community at the UN
    Intern Translator-French-English-Spanish, 2007 - 2007
    I translated documents and news articles on various topics such as legal, international, political, social, economic issues, and current events in Latin America, from and into English, French, and Spanish
  • Bilingual Connection Interpreting
    Medical Consecutive Interpreter, 2009 - 2009
    Helped Spanish-speaking patients fill out health forms for physical exams.
  • WAFUNIF (World Association of Former UN Internes & Fellows)
    Intern/Membership/Customer Service Associate, 2010 - 2011
    I researched/ wrote reports on UN meetings attended, contacted new and former members of the UN system, and entered their info into the database. Followed up with members, and performed various administrative tasks. As a paid contractor, I translated by-laws, Masonry Meetings, and Mission Statements from English into French and Spanish.
  • PCI-Media Impact
    Intern/translator-Spanish-English, 2009 - 2010
    Translated and updated articles and newsletters, programme reports, public relation, on health and environmental issues from or into Spanish and English. Updated online social media sites with Spanish language content. Helped develop ideas for a Spanish-speaking audience outreach. Entered info on grants from various donours: corporations and foundation into the database management system Raiser's Edge. Performed various administrative tasks . Researched on subjects and translated-reproductive health issues, environment and development from or into English and Spanish.
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Mamaroneck, NY
Belgium and North America - Brussels, Belgium - Maryland - USA
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