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Nela Dunato
Artist, designer, blogger. Crafting exquisite brands & websites for fellow creative rebels.
Artist, designer, blogger. Crafting exquisite brands & websites for fellow creative rebels.
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Cold pitching is not fun, it puts you in an inferior position, and the effectiveness can be hit or miss.

Here's what I recommend instead:

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Radionica u Rijeci
Radionica “Dizajniraj svoj kreativni proces” pomaže freelancerima i malim agencijama da ostvare bolju komunikaciju i suradnju s klijentima te uštede vrijeme i živce.

Pilot-radionica održava se 3.3.2017 u 10h u CTK Rijeka. Više informacija na web stranici:

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"Start with your ideal client!" - I hear this from marketers a lot.
I believe small business owners shouldn't listen to that advice, because it might lead them into traps.

Learn what to do instead:

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Many people don’t use their logos to their full potential. Learn how a well designed logo can improve your business.

#design #branding #graphicdesign #business

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Taking on clients who are a poor fit will destroy your business. Here are practical ways to repel the wrong types of clients.

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Learn the 2 biggest mistakes designers and other freelancers make in their process, and how to fix them so your design concepts get accepted faster.

#design #freelancing

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Having a brand that targets everyone is like not having a brand at all.

Learn how to make your brand magnetic.

#branding #brand #marketing #smallbusinesstips

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If you hate the word “branding”, here's a different way of looking at standing out and attracting attention.

#branding #marketing #brand #business #smallbusinesstips

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My guest post on The Freelance To Freedom project explains how to take care of your visual brand if you're not a graphic designer, and can't afford one yet.

#branding #branddesign #freelancing #freelancers

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Many people, when faced with the challenge of creating their own brand, start dabbling with mood boards and struggling to choose a color palette and typography.
They're struggling because visuals are not the right place to begin with when your brand is concerned.

Where do you start then? I'm glad you asked, because I wrote this post that covers the branding process step-by-step, and offers a free class that will make this easy to implement right away.

#branding #businesstips #smallbusinesstips #branddesign
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