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Nekhelesh Ramananthan
Aerospace Engineer, Ubuntu 14.04 User
Aerospace Engineer, Ubuntu 14.04 User

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Happy Holi folks! It is also known as the festival of colors! Celebrations usually happy with many color powders being thrown at each other. Sweets follow after that.

Google made a nice doodle out of it.

More info about Holi at

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Podbird 0.8 is out! A lot of work went into this release to integrate Podbird better with the platform which include media-hub queue, ubuntu-download-manager integration and update to new framework. Looking forward to the next development phase which is Podbird 0.9.
Podbird is now 2 years old! To celebrate we've released version 0.8 to the click store! This release brings a number of major improvements including:

* Queue support - It's now possible to add multiple podcasts to a queue so that they play one after another.

* Full download manager integration - Downloads will now continue when Podbird is closed and you'll be able to track their status in the system transfer indicator. This also includes a number of bug fixes to download handling.

* Downloads tab - The episodes page now includes an extra tab showing all your downloaded episodes in one place. This tab also shows a summary of any downloads in progress or queued.

* Visual improvements - We've updated Podbird to use Ubuntu Components 1.3 and made a number of UI enhancements.

* WiFi only setting - It's now possible to tell Podbird to only automatically download episodes when you have a WiFi connection.

* Update podcast artwork - You can now get Podbird to update all the artwork it has cached for your podcasts from the settings page.

This release was made possible thanks to the hard work of +Nekhelesh Ramananthan, +Kevin Feyder, Eran Uzan and +Mike Sheldon, plus the awesome Ubuntu translation team.

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+Kevin Feyder You should take a look at .. the bird designs they did there is pretty epic. May be we could take some of that for Podbird ;)? 

+Phillip Sz Hi, can you translate Podbird to German pls..we will be pushing out a release in another 4-5 days. It seems 41 out of 46 untranslated strings have been translated but need review.

FINALLY found some time to do some Ubuntu Touch development after a really looooooong time. I pushed out a new release of Podbird Devel v0.7.7 which was in the pipeline for some time.

Hopefully I can spread my time back into Clock app and other apps that I have missed working on.

A quick remark, the new LXD based Ubuntu SDK is super nice to use. Great job +Benjamin M. Zeller and SDK team for this. 

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Here is a video of Skylark Drones Co-Founder Mughilan talking about how drones are changing the way we collect data. I am happy to be a part of #SkylarkDrones and involved in providing end to end enterprise solutions for various industries.

PyCharm is hands down the best Python IDE I have used. It has literally everything from project management tools, VCS integration, debugger, smart variable renaming, code completion, code templates, unit tests integration, inbuilt terminal & python console etc.

The highlighting feature for me today was quick code lookup. Using one keyboard shortcut, you can get information about any variable/function that you used in your project. As projects become bigger, this feature makes it super handy to get info (docstring) about a function and its arguments without having to switch files.

Their community edition is free of cost and should meet the needs of almost everyone. If you do Python, you must at least give it a try.

#Pycharm   #Python  

Over the past 3-4 weeks, I have been diving deep into Python ranging from the simple lists, dictionaries etc to stuff like file reading/writing, threading, database etc and all I have to say is this, Python is FREAKING awesome! In some way I am thankful to the autopilot tests that the Ubuntu Core Apps projects made me write and get a brief peek at Python although at the time it was rather confusing and annoying.

I'm not sure if this is a stupid statement to blurt out, but in my opinion if one were to look at the evolution of languages, it would (naturally) be C -> C++ -> Python. Python (almost) has the power & features of C++ while yet proving to be very simple, human readable code and intuitive. The only thing holding back Python on mobile devices was its performance. But even that is easily solvable with PyOtherside and its dynamic loading of python objects.

It is unfortunate that it took me so long to look into Python. Now I can see why there were many people requesting for Python to be supported by Ubuntu Touch as an official language alongside C++ and JavaScript.

Dear Web, as part of work, I'm a creating a Python based app. At the moment, I am completing the backend which does a lot of heavy lifting of analysing flight data logs and calculating readable data like flight endurance, wind speed etc. I like to connect this to a GUI and am leaning towards QT.

On looking through the different integration options, I found three: PyQt, PySide and PyOtherside. PyOtherside looks really light weight and easy to use. However, it is new and missing documentation, examples etc. So I am a bit not sure which one to go with. PyQt seems like a trusted solution which has been out there for quite some time.

The GUI will mostly be basic. I need the ability to create QML files with buttons and forms, which would push data like log file path, call python functions. The rest of the stuff will be handled by my python backend.

Note: Licensing is not an issue atm.

Any recommendations?

Tagging people who I know are familiar with this kind of stuff. +Stuart Langridge +Zygmunt Krynicki 

Personal Checklist
✓Get married
✓Settle down in India - Bangalore
✓Get a job - Skylark Drones

All set :) ..
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