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Oh, one can dream :)
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Lol +Neila Rey ! That certainly would be a better world. Now all we need to work on is getting those lemmings some psychiatric care to prevent them from acting out their suicidal tendencies. Perhaps they are acting out because people only question chickens? <j/k>
When chickens are not willing to answer a simple question it must certainly mean they have something to hide.
Chickens just can't be trusted. None of them will look you straight in the eye. I'll stop questioning their motives when they stop clucking about me behind my back.
(on a serious note)Don't remind me of chickens, after watching some PETA videos I get goose bumps when I think about their condition.
Is that near Kentucky fried chicken? 
Well look at you, always there to start the day on right foot even at 3:13, so I'll do you a favor for all your hard work ok chick, I won't question you just yet.
Good luck with that... 
Doc SX
so why do chicken cross the road?
Brave new world... What did the Chicken say to the cat who was crossing the street? "Don't do it they will talk about it forever."
Where you and your friends cans replace a light bulb without everyone trying to count how many of you there are
W ar all in th gutter but some of us ar looking at th stars
Haha why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side..but you are already on the other side..oops, must be a blonde chicken
True story:
As a five year old on my Grandpa's farm I made the mistake of trying to pick up a dibby (baby chick) with the mama chicken standing nearby on guard. That mama chicken did cross the road and I know why .... because it was riding on my back as I ran screaming across that road on my way back to the safety of the house.
There will always be roads a chicken must not cross.
Mayb they will evolve n finally use those wings
Whch road exactly?th one i know needs balls to cross
if its funny i feel like crying
Let them cross the road but don't let them run away ! Yummyyyyyy !
motivations are always questioned if there related to others
Awww, true true :) But, IF we STOP dreaming, no dreams can ever come true - so, keep on dreaming :) (I know I do)
They're still apt to be "plucked", like Everyone...such is LIFE on this planet
Ahahahahahaha, fantastic and totally agreeable! :D
I still don't understand how 'why did the chicken cross te road?' ever became a joke
Tracy T
Always ask why!! :) 
The answer to why "did the chicken cross the road "is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I've never understood why we HAVE to know why a chicken is doing something. I vote for chicken freedom. 
Chicken Libertarians.
Martin Luther King Jnr: " I have a Dream"
A world of total freedom; how realistic?
A beautiful thinking for birds and animals liberty.(Also for human being too)
hahahahahhihihihihihohohohohehehehe.nothing special for a chiken crossing the road.
I never question the chicken's motive.  I want them to cross the road... to my BBQ! :D
I do too dream of a better world where humans cross the road and them chickens would be like, "Hey human, why did you cross the road?" 
Not going to happen, ever, but well a dream is a dream :P
Crossed the road the other day almost got hit! ...... felt like chicken...
dreams form the basis for action.
well, chickens don't cross roads that often, so when they do they make it seem a tiny bit suspicious.
why did the chicken cross the road right in front of me oops doesn't matter now
Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Internet user #1: Well, according to Wikipedia...
Internet user #2: Shut up, you don't know what you're talking about!
Why did the chicken cross the road?
I don't know, but I suspect fowl play.
Never trust a rouge chicken
chicken is a good source of protein.  
.and the answer is... the chicken had been Neila Reys posts and was just cross training.
Isn't that the truth
We must pay chickens royalty for their eggs and the egg should also be registered upon their name.
I would like to add further that prices of eggs must be consulted with hen as well.....
Pigs can fly, dogs can be dogs. We can all eat good stuff without others telling us "Your going to starve eating bird food".
Glenn H
Never mind the chickens what about the raccoons, squirrels and deer? You never see a dead chicken on the side of the road.
+JO Ann Boomer Depends on which bird's food!  I may not last long living like a sparrow on seed, but an eagle's diet of salmon would be pretty tasty!
Where I live it is pheasants, foxes and hedgehogs, oh! And the occasional peacock.
you may not see the chickens but their popeyes and kfc caskets litter the roads around here
Did you know that chickens will not cross a paved road? Why? Because they cannot swim. They don't have outstanding vision, when they see blacktop they think it is water, so they don't cross it. They'll cross a dirt road, but not a paved road. I was told this by an old farmer when I asked him why his uncaged chickens never got run over. He told me they won't cross paved roads, and that is why. I've never seen a chicken get hit by a car on a paved road either.
Either our chickens aren't smart then or the have better eyesight.  Though only two have crossed the road.  Mind you they don't seem to mind standing in water either.
Hmmm, so if we throw a chicken on pavement, will he drown? If sheep get stuck in a fence they will die because they just give up. True.
lmao !..........ok so now, envision a road with a chicken standing on each side. the first chicken yells " how do i get to the other side ? " the other chicken yells back, "  stupid you are on the other side ! " :)
I think we already live in this world, where many things dont make sense!
I dream a better world where chickens are no longer sliced, cut and deep fried just to pamper increasingly greedy human tongues.
+Daffyd Hidayat Does it actually matter? They have practically zero remorse if they were to kill their own kind. Why should we have remorse for killing them? They're savage creatures regardless of what PETA wants you to believe.
Neila, I guess that could be true with us humans too! :)
do u know Rodriguan chicken usually cross the road through the crossing?
Y'all actually there ARE "blonde" chickens-really more golden called buff orpingtons :)
Did you ever try road kill stew. It taste just like chicken 
No never stopped to pick some up lol:)

i saw duckling cross the road but not chicken
Dont want to corss the road, just stay free.
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