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Cardio & Abs 30-Day Challenge by DAREBEE
#darebee   #fitness   #30daychallenge  
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+Koollil Ma​
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Neila Rey

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Chocolate Oat Balls Recipe 

9oz (250 g) steel cut oats
half a can (200ml) coconut milk
1oz ( 30g ) cocoa powder / unsweetened
1tbsp of honey
ground coconut for coating (optional)
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Oh, those look wicked good! Sharing with family so I'll get a lot of these. ;)
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Neila Rey

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Haywire Workout
Works: Quads, calves, front hip flexors, glutes, core, triceps, chest, deltoids, abs, lower back, cardiovascular system, aerobic performance (VO2 Max). 
#workout   #darebee   #fitness  
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Neila Rey

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Neila Rey

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Hand Workout
Our hands are our greatest weapon. The human hand has enabled us to build civilizations, fight wars, play instruments and control machines. Without the hand even gaming becomes next to impossible. The human hand has 27 bones, not including the sesamoid bone, the number of which varies between people, 14 of which are the phalanges (proximal, intermediate and distal) of the fingers. The metacarpals are the bones that connect the fingers and the wrist. Each human hand has five metacarpals and 8 carpal bones. The Talk to the Hand workout helps you work them all, plus it has the added bonus of testing the power of the forearm muscles, increasing the strength of your grip and improving the overall dexterity of your hands.  

Instructions: Repeat each move with no rest in between until the set is done, rest up to 2 minutes and repeat the whole set again 3 times in total

What it works: Fingers, wrist, forearm muscles. 

Make it better:  Do it faster. 

Make it harder: Take no rest. 

Perfect for: Gamers and martial artists, empire builders and grappling warriors, actually it's hard to think who would not benefit from this workout. 

#fitness   #darebee   #workout  
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Is this good for carpul tunnel syndrom
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Neila Rey

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Age of Pandora - Post-Apocalyptic Fitness Quest

Age of Pandora is the world’s first, fully immersive fitness quest. You get to be the hero in a post-apocalyptic, fully realized world that really needs heroes. Your workouts reflect the activities of the central character. You are given the opportunity to fight monsters, forge alliances and save the world. You get to do it at your level of fitness and progress at a pace you find works for you. Are you ready to enter, Pandora and mark the beginning of a new age? 

The 30 day program is essentially a muscle activation program that allows you to begin to get back control of your body. It is the perfect springboard to greater things.  

Download or use online:
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Have her in circles
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Neila Rey

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Arms of Steel Workout
What it works: Triceps, deltoids, upper back, chest, obliques, biceps, lower back, core, abs, cardiovascular system, aerobic performance (VO2 Max). 
#workout   #darebee   #fitness  
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Can we run on road instead of ground
I heard running on road is not good for knees

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Neila Rey

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Train with a Bokken for Fitness
Warm-Up | 7 Workouts | How-to Video For Each
#katana   #darebee   #fitness  
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Step 1: store away any lamps you attach sentimental value to.
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Neila Rey

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Born on Google Plus
Google plus has given all of us an opportunity – it put people from all over the world in a single room and let us mingle. For some, it meant new opportunities, for others it was a chance to shine and for us it was the beginning of a whole new adventure that started out with a single share. 

One day, simply because I felt like sharing, I posted a workout collage I’d put together earlier that day to use in my training later. Sharing it amongst friends was nothing new for me but by pressing that “share to public” button took it across Google+ and then across the web within 24 hours. Something completely ordinary to me became extraordinary for others, it was simple yet it cut across cultures and borders and it made sense to people from every corner of the world. It had value. 

That day everything changed. It was the beginning of something wonderful, I just didn’t know what yet. They say environment shapes the person and I am guessing that’s exactly what happened to me but it wasn’t my upbringing, it wasn’t the outside world that shaped what I did next – it was the world through Google Plus that influenced my every step from there on. 

Instead of thinking business, I was thinking value. Instead of thinking personal gain, I was thinking about making a difference. I never expected this from myself nor did I set out to change the world or make any kind of impact, it happened gradually one single share at a time, one better choice at a time influenced by everyone surrounding me on Google+. It all helped – people encouraging me but even more so people criticizing me. I learned to respect the work of others as well as improve on my own. Having access to the entire world and different cultures I learned to respect different points of view and listen when someone offered an opinion. It could have never happened if I was operating behind closed doors or surrounded only by my friends who would take pity on my ego. This was only possible because what I did, everything I did, was being watched by people from all over the world. It made me accountable. 

When you are starting something new there are no rules, no guidelines and there is no one to show you the way so I relied on the community to guide me. Eventually, I figured out that none of this was about me but about people on the other side of the screen and their needs. I made that my priority.  That, later on, became the foundation of everything I do today. 

The first post, the string of shares and connecting with others, collaborating on workouts and listening to opinions, shaping and reshaping what I already have. Two long years passed. I was no longer alone, others were now sharing my vision of accessible fitness for everyone. The injection of fresh ideas and invaluable expertise took the fitness project I worked on even further. Together we discovered that fitness don’t have to be expensive or boring, on the contrary – the best thing about it is that it’s neither. It’s fun, it’s exciting and even without any equipment or supervision it is extremely effective. Together we dived into the world of martial arts and weapon’s training, running and bodyweight circuits ranging from light to hellish at times. We brainstormed together, we trained together, we began to reshape the world with everything we did – and it all started out here, on Google Plus. 

Today we are called DAREBEE, an international fitness resource with its own global fitness community and a global following. We have stayed true to the original principals and we ran it as a non-profit, any money we raise goes straight back into the resource. We are all volunteers and we are all equal in making this place happen. We each bring our own expertise to the table and we work together as a community to find answers to all the fitness questions we have. We even have our very own fitness lab where we test theories and run challenges. 

It became somewhat of a unique place where everyone is welcome and there are no borders, no cultural differences and no unaccepted ways to train – we respect everyone and everyone’s routine to a better self. We explore new ways to train and we improve on everything we’ve done so far - our workouts, challenges and program collections keep on growing as well as the community around it. Accessible fitness that started out right here on google plus now changes lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world through DAREBEE. 

It all started with a spark, with a single share... but it would not have been enough, not without the Google Plus environment. It was Google Plus that helped, first me and then others, shape it in what it is today – a truly global movement. 

If you think that you will never be able to make any kind of impact in the world, that what you do doesn’t matter – think again. It simply isn’t true, each and every one of us has something to offer to the world and we can all be part of something greater. I do believe that our environment plays a huge role in that – but it’s not down to where you physically are, it’s where you choose to be. 

DAREBEE ( was born and it evolved on Google Plus. Without it, there would be no DAREBEE today. I wanted everyone to know that, especially people who make Google Plus happen because, by extension, you brought something as wonderful as DAREBEE about and changed people’s lives for the better, including mine.
Thank you. 

DAREBEE global is an independent fitness resource ran and maintain by volunteers and fitness enthusiasts. It has no ads, no sponsors and it’s maintained exclusively via donations. It has its own global fitness community and it’s a support network, for anyone who’s at the beginning or in the middle of their fitness journey, called The Hive. DAREBEE has its very own crowd-sourced research lab and multiple workshops locally and globally for testing new routines, programs and challenges. At DAREBEE we develop themed workouts as well as more traditional fitness posters, exploring new and fun ways to train through gamification. Having industry experts from all over the world allows us to implement knowledge from different areas of fitness and sports and integrate it into the training we offer – completely free of charge, for everyone who needs it. Our routines are being implemented in schools, summer camps, military facilities and even gyms all over the world. The simplicity of the information we provide allows anyone to dive into a more active lifestyle five minutes after coming across the resource and then maintaining it long after. 

Was your project born on Google Plus? Did your idea / business / movement start out here?   #bornongoogleplus  
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Well said - I love G+!  Goodnight +Neila Rey have a great w/e. At 67 my main exercise is Rollerblading - it has it all:)
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Neila Rey

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Danger Zone Workout
#fitness   #workout   #darebee  
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Exxcelente workout
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Neila Rey

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RPG Fitness Helps You Get Past Every Obstacle to a Better You
We train for many reasons. Some of want to look better. Some of us want to be stronger. Others want to feel better or be able to do more. And some just want to be able to have better control of our bodies. Although there are as many reason to train as there are people training what unites us is the fact that training is difficult to sustain. 

Life always gets in the way. Job, bills, career, family, kids, the world. As a matter of fact while getting fitter is a single goal that’s easy to put in place between it and us there are usually countless obstacles we need to get out of the way: equipment, gym membership, gyms, money, time, the weather, our frame of mind and all the myriad life issues we already know come up.

That’s where RPG fitness is different. When you play a role you are more than just yourself. Whatever worries you might face, whatever issues might come up well now they’re no longer your concern. You’re the hero in Hero’s Journey making choices that will affect your journey into peril. You’re the lone fighter in Avatar Upgrade each day helping you forge a new you, each victory (or loss) affecting your armor, speed, endurance, flexibility and combat skills. 

You are the nameless hero in the Age of Pandora exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape, trying desperately to remember who you are as you’re learning to survive in the hope that you might reclaim a lost world. 

In those scenarios the pressures are real, immediate, pressing. With life-and-death choices to make and the fate of worlds hanging in the balance, determined by your actions and choices there is no time to think of all the self-doubts, all the obstacles that stop us from training. We are geared to overcome the things that try to stop us from becoming a better version of ourselves. The reasons we don’t always succeed is because we are also responsible people. We feel that worrying about the bills is more important than spending time training, for example and focusing on our jobs should come first and above learning how to kick like a ninja. 

But health is also important. Our quality of life is key to actually feeling that we enjoy living. When other things take priority, consistently, over this then, at some point we end up unfit, unhealthy, inwardly wishing we could change and unsure how to best go about it. 

RPG fitness is a mind trick we use to force our brains to shut up long enough for us to get fitter and healthier. They are a clever way of using our hardwiring to take control of our mind, first and our body, next. By making it a mission to do something that is important in a context (unite opposing camps, fight the monsters, face the next Boss) and by slipping into the hero’s role in that journey, we become responsible for others through the actions we take. 

Fitness then becomes easier, personal improvement goals become important and the obstacles that stop us from becoming as fit and healthy as we want to be tend to fade into the background. They will still be there when we emerge of course, but by then we will have worked out, be fitter, stronger and a little bit more heroic.

#fitness   #rpgfitnes   #motivation   #darebee  
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Next, you'll have to use the cover of that Man's Life serial "Weasels Ripped my Flesh" as a workout routine inspiration/cover. Flinging around bloodthirsty weasels is a surprisingly effective way of tightening up those triceps, and it's great cardio if you mix it with water aerobics like he's doing on the cover.
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Neila Rey

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The Monday Workout
There is no better to start the week than with The Monday Workout. Designed to put a spring in your step and step up your routine it will most definitely leave you feeling energized and ready to face the week ahead. The burpee in between exercises is penance for not working out on the weekend, but if you did, then it's your reward!   

Instructions: Repeat each move 10 times with a burpee in between until the set is done, rest up to 2 minutes and repeat the whole set again, 3 times in total.

What it works: Calves, glutes, obliques, side hip flexors, cardiovascular system, aerobic performance (VO2 Max). 

Make it better:  Do the burpee in between exercises as fast as you can without breaking form. 

Make it harder: Take one minute's rest between sets. It's only Monday. The week is still ahead of you. 

Perfect for: Monday starters and those who want to start the week with a zap. 

#fitness   #workout   #monday   #darebee  
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I also run and moderate the Fitness Community on Google+. A support group for anyone who wants to get fit, stay fit and enjoy the process. 

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