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Neil Wheatley
Freelance copywriter, Manchester & Sheffield UK
Freelance copywriter, Manchester & Sheffield UK

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I wrote this UK guide to buying the cheapest console gaming setup. I'd really love some feedback on it... good or bad!

I've got some HTML emails that I send from Contact Form 7. I want to host web versions within my Wordpress site, but I'm not sure how. I'm guessing it involves custom post types or formats? Anyone know how I do this?

My aim is to have the exact same HTML from my email display as a web page, i.e. not using my theme's usual container.

I need a new random quote/testimonial plugin. Any recommendations?
Ideally I want one that lets me insert a random quote via a shortcode, so I can stick it in my own php widget and style it however I want.

What's the best mobile-responsive slider plugin?
I've got Nivo Slider for Wordpress. But it doesn't let me use CSS for overlaid text, it doesn't use the media library (so no img names, titles, alt) and it doesn't re-size properly.
Any suggestions?

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Made a cake!

I dunno whether Office Online counts as cloud computing, but I'm thinking of giving it a try. I'm a copywriter and my clients prefer Word docs to Google Drive. My question to people who've tried it is, is Office Online any good?

Can someone recommend a better way of making a local clone of my site than X-Cloner? That thing confuses the hell out of me. I've used it a few times, and everytime I go back to it again I'm stumped. Is there anything easier and better?

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I want to streamline my process for sending out estimates and terms and conditions. At the moment I have separate estimate and T&C agreements, and the customer has to sign and return the T&Cs by hand. Anyone know of any good software or services?
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