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Neil Sheth
Digital Marketing Expert. Working with businesses to help them get found and grow their business online. Specialising in Content driven SEO.
Digital Marketing Expert. Working with businesses to help them get found and grow their business online. Specialising in Content driven SEO.


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Competition is fierce in the hotel industry.

New hotels are popping up every day, and standing out among all that competition is getting tougher and tougher.

Enter, Instagram stories.

The perfect visual social media platform to help hotels share behind the scenes, their customer experience and overall build a stronger "WHY" new customers should book.

Wondering how Hotels can specifically use Instagram stories to get more bookings?

Read my post for Hotel Speak -

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Wondering what the best time to post on Instagram is?

I've taken a look at studies, what others say and insights you gain from analytics and have broken it down into actionable steps.

You can read the post here:

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If you're in the Events industry, whether that's organising weddings, private parties and exhibitions and wondering what digital marketing strategy is right for your business, I'd like to give you quick tip...


Why? Because Instagram is made for beautiful photos! People love to look at gorgeous images and showcase their own. And, what can be more beautiful than dazzling weddings, anniversaries, and other events?

Here are 6 ways Event Management companies can use Instagram.

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One part of having a strong presence online is to build up a list of people who want to learn from you and engage with you.

How do you do that? Email Marketing.

Email marketing is where you offer value to people dropping by your website in exchange for their email address.

You then connect even further over email, which could be a combination of an automatic email series and a more personal one.

What I love about email marketing is the fact that your email subscribers are interested in hearing from you and you're in control of you're traffic.

That's why I put this blog post together to help you strategically track your email metrics in Google Analytics:

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Instagram has over 400 million users and according to a study by Curulate, 48% of Instagram users are inspired by the app when it comes to selecting their next travel destination.

With its easy to use filters, trending hashtags, and lack of language barrier, Instagram is a match made in heaven for hotels looking for an effective content marketing strategy.

In this blog post, we take a look at a few ways Hotels can use Instagram to DELIGHT their guests.

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If you’re planning to make your blog a business, you need people to find your content and share your wisdom online.

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"Influencer Marketing" - the buzzword in the social media industry, especially when talking Instagram.

We take a look at how restaurants can use Influencer marketing to drive more table bookings and customers.

You can read the post on the blog:

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Checkout 69 Adobe productivity tips for your design projects.

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Want to start measuring your website progress like a pro? It's time to take your data a lot more serious.

Checkout a video of a custom dashboard we put together for a client which has some really cool metrics we can use to understand the business better.
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