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"Storm Clouds over Lough Tay"

I had to stop on the way back home after shooting the waterfall image ( here ) as the clouds and light was magic. I love the 3D like feel to the image as the foreground rock jump out of the image. 
It's not your normal picture postcard image from Lough Tay, but I don't care as this is my image. 
The shadows and highlight area don't look the best in this low res jpeg (175kb) compared to the 252 MB original file. Believe me there is bucket loads of detail in the forest on the right & left shadow area.

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Thanks +Sherri Gillis for you kind words :-)
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Neil McShane

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I do need a new messenger-style bag...
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How Sharp is it ??

If you have being following my posts on Google+, you will know I use the Canon 24mm TS-E Mk2 lens on the 5D Mk2 all of the time for my landscape photography.

Why ?
The answer is simple, and it's this : It's one of the best if not the best Lens from Canon. It's sharp and the contrast is great. The quality of the images from this lens is better than the 24mm fixed L'series lens from Canon.
However, it gets better.  As this is a tilt and shift lens you can achieve crazy Depth of Field (DOF) at any aperture setting. Set the aperture to say f/8 or f/11 and tilt the lens down you will get a images which is sharp from the tip of your nose to infinity. 

Look at the attacked image. Both cameras were manually focused at the same point. I used a point in the middle of the frame so as too remove any differences from sensor / lens size. One was taken with an APS-C camera fitted with a 12mm lens and the other is from the 24mm TS-E on the 5D Mk2. 

Which is which ?
The 100% zoom window will show you just how sharp the image is from the TS-E lens using a small tilt ( 1.5 degree ) compared to the normal fixed focal lens.

But there is more.
By using the shift functions of the lens you can combine 3 images together to produce one image of 40megapixels. I will post more about this next week. 
This lens is not cheap by any means, but if you want your landscape images to be sharp front to back, side to side then you have to invest in a TS-E lens.

If you want to know more about using a TS-E lens then you should take a look at this ebook from called "The Tilt-Shift Lens Advantage" by +Darwin Wiggett  & Samentha Chrysanthou.

+Canon Users +Ireland 
#ireland   #tiltshiftphotography  
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+Bill Tyler - Thanks Bill. As always there is lots to learn :)
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My Homeland 
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

It is easy to see from this true-color image why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. Intense green vegetation, primarily grassland, covers most of the country except for the exposed rock on mountaintops. Ireland owes its greenness to moderate temperatures and moist air. The Atlantic Ocean, particularly the warm currents in the North Atlantic Drift, gives the country a more temperate climate than most others at the same latitude. The cloud-free view shown here is extremely rare. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured the image on October 11, 2010, a time of year when Irish weather alternates between rainstorms from the west and cool, dry weather brought by high-pressure systems known as anticyclones. Read more at #StPatricksDay #SaintPatricksDay
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Neil McShane

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"Aghla More from The Bog"

I'm nearly finished with going through my images from the 2-Day trip to Errigal last month.
Here we have Aghla More, on the left and Muckish Mountain, on the right with the top covered in clouds. The composition was set up to include the foreground bog on the right to mirror Aghla More. The foreground was also in shade as the early morning sun hadn't peeked over the Derryveagh Mountains behind me. Once you see the connection between the foreground bog and Aghla More your eye is drawn along the water line of the bog.

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Thanks +Noni Clark :-)
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Neil McShane

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Adam Clark is the featured photographer in this week's Adventure Photo Newsletter. Read the edition here:
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Your welcome +Linda J 
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Delvin River, The Poisoned Glen

Before you get into the Glen proper you walk along a path and pass a small bridge over the Delvin river.I walked along the river banks for about 100 meters and spotted this view of the river with the Poisoned Glen in the background.  

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Thanks +Javier Leite :-)
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Neil McShane

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Happy #StPatricksDay! Are you wearing something #00ff00 today?
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It's good alright +Daniel Hopkins 
Well done +Adobe :-)
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    Professional Photographer, 2005 - present
Basic Information
aka Mononeil - Professional B&W Landscape Photographer from Ireland

Neil McShane (aka Mononeil)
Fine Art B&W Landscapes from Ireland

"Neil McShane is a Meath-based photographer specialising in exquisite black and white landscapes of Ireland. Although photography is his medium of choice, Neil sees himself more an artist than photographer, whose goal is to create stunning images rather than merely take photographs."

I am an Artist not a Photographer.
I don't take photographs, I make images.

I live on the island of Ireland with over four thousand kilometers of coast line, and hundreds of lakes rivers and mountains. Mother nature has shaped the landscape into what we see today. Through the medium of black & white photography I have captured this wonderful shape, form and texture. We see in colour but through the art of visualization I see the final image with the deep rich blacks of the shadows down to the whites of the clouds. I do not add or takeaway from the image I capture but use what is there in front of me. I may have to wait for hours or even days until I am happy with the final photograph.

My work has just begun.
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Played with 4 week old Tiger Cubs and have the photo's :-)
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Navan, Co Meath, Ireland
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