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Releasing Unity for UI freeze, a quick ChangeLog:

- Alt+` for switching between windows of the same app
- New Dash style
- Panel window buttons control the Dash now (maximised/non-maximised)
- Dash filters rendering correctly (still some hooking up to do on the daemon side)
- Lots and lots of Dash fixes in searching/opening/closing/etc/etc
- Faster active blur
- Memory leak fixes

Next week: performance improvements!
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Does now Unity work with AMD prop drivers?
I can't seem to find how to browse applications grouped by category, like the gnome menu.
+Alan Bell Open the filters (Refine Search/Filter results depending on the version you are using) and then click on a category. Some might not be working right but they should affect the results so you only see results from that category.
alt+` is a great idea, but it doesn't let me cycle between all the windows, just switches between two windows of an app
+Alan Bell Keep alt pressed down for a bit and you can switch between all windows. Just doing it quickly switches between the last window you used of the same app.
the alt+` stuff isn't working right for me in virtualbox, I will try on real hardware, holding alt and pressing ` brings up the window list but pressing ` the second time just stops it. alt+tab switches between all applications no problem.
I have no idea where the filters are now. There used to be a grey drop down menu top right of a lens, but that seems to be gone altogether in a fully updated Oneiric
The "Refined Search" button (which will brings the categories) is just right on the dash search bar :)
no, just using Oneiric installed from yesterdays daily CD and updated. I will wait a few hours :)
That are Unity 2D screenshots right there, not Unity 3D. My guess is there is bug in Unity 2D for not showing the filters (I'm experiencing that bug also)
The templated line inthe Changelog which reads "Bug fixes and memory improvements" is missing :(
is the problem with Intel hd graphics card issues still exist even with the new kernel and the bunch of fixes
Look at Science and Technology. Should not there be a padding on the left hand side?
Neil Jagdish Patel, At the bottom right the square it's a new option ?
I am not sure that i like the side bar the one big thing i liked about old version was that it was at hte top of hte screen
Is there going to be a way to customize the Shortcuts in the Dash? And is there going to be an official app repository for the "force misbehaving windows to quit" and the likes?
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