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Spring-cleaned the office today and realise that I hadn't shared my awesome new monitor setup that I changed to a few weeks ago (from a flat 3 x horizontal):

The left monitor is connected to my old Macbook Pro, that acts as a server for all the Apple TVs in the house, and a some apps that I like: iCal, Twitter for Mac, Sparrow Mail and iTunes (for iPhone).

The middle and right monitors are connected to my x220 via a docking station (middle via DVi via DIsplayPort, right one via VGA). Use the middle one to focus on task-in-hand, and generally keep Thunderbird, X-Chat and Wunderlist open on the right. Skype/empathy chat windows would also find themselves on the right.

Yes, my peppy little x220 with it's never-say-die Sandy Bride graphics happily runs two monitors of 2048x1152 and 1152 x 2048 with Unity staying quick!

Finally, the middle monitor is also connected to a Windows box that I use when I want to play Battlefield 3 or do mockups in Fireworks (yes, I still use it :).
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You mean you still play games other than FIFA for XBox? Lies.
This looks like an expensive setup. My 24" display is not configurable.

BTW the right screen contains - TB, XChat and Wunderlist if I am not wrong :)
I think you should try this branch to get the best of unity panel multi-monitor support: ^_^
What's the model of those 3 samsung monitors? Great setup btw!
+Alberto Aldegheri If it's actually the resolution mentioned in the post, then they'd have to be the 2343BWX. Great LCDs they are. But you aren't going to find any new anywhere at this point. :)
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