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Neil Jacobson
Like a duck-billed platypus only a worse swimmer
Like a duck-billed platypus only a worse swimmer

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Noted toastmaster Joseph Yitzhak Jacobson addresses the participants at the PACE Gala, October 2013

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Chuck Seigel talks chocolates. Yay.
On September 26, Bay Area Bites will be hosting a Google+ Hangout with Charles Chocolates owner Chuck Siegel to demonstrate how to make Paves – Classic French Chocolate Truffles. +Rachael Myrow  from KQED's California Report will be asking Chuck questions about best practices for cooking with chocolate as well as recipe tips for making holiday DIY treats. Have a question about chocolate? Post your questions for Chuck on this page prior to the hangout! 

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Hope. Wish. Hope. Wish.

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Mrs Beasley Returns

It seems to me that there is a very strong "I'm so much smarter and more worldly than you" element to the Google doodles in the past couple of years.

As if to prove its relevance, now trending on Google+
Kim Kardashian
Justin Bieber

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Just trying out google voice thing . it works pretty good actually . but it seems to cut off for some reason I don't understand. but only sometimes it seems . but the big question is is this better than Siri. Which by the way google first interpreted as humans and then as theory
It is okay with this entry except the previous sentence needed to be repeated about 8 *.

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"You took my joy...I want it back..."
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