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Sitting high & dry
A small boat sits on the sand at low tide on Alderney's Longis Beach, Fort Raz is in the background.
#landscapephotography +Landscape Photography curated by +Margaret Tompkins
#alderney #beachphotography #stonesaturday curated by  +Antoine Berger  and +Jen Baptist 
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Refreshing. I can smell the air ...
Wow, Lovely colours, great detail.
Superb sharpness  and the texture of the rocks, sand and the wood on the boat all add to the appeal of the image. overall a very engageing image, many thanks for including +Landscape Photography
I agree with paul .. the appeal of this one is in the complementary textures.  The wood of the boat first draws attention, then your awareness expands to the rocks, wet and dry sand, ocean, sky, clouds, grass ... even the smooth metal mast and cable stays.  Even the bloody moon gets a cameo position.   You have an artist's eye, Neil !
<hides the box he keeps the eye he pinched in behind his back>  Who told you about that +Greg Batten ? It is all lies ROFL
Thanks for the analysis  - The image is composed roughly around the "rule  of thirds" and what you say is a classic example of the way the eye should move around the image :)
Neil, you have that self-deprecation common to authentic Aussies but your work is really engaging and unique.  You are much better than you give yourself credit for.

Regardless of your subjects or framing, you combine lighting, colours and textures differently to your peers, and the result is always pleasing to look at.  I think I could now pick your stuff from a lineup of similar works. There is an identity to your photos that does not require your signature.  I hope it one day translates into fame and fortune for you.
I think it's much about this flat light +Neil Howard is playing with again and again that makes the things narrate because of the conciliatory and appeasing atmosphere - like real good low-threshold psychotherapy or just the tender touch of a mother, a friend, a lover ...
(Not an analysis of this shot, but an attempted one of the general perspective.)
Thanks +Greg Batten  I know all the really GREAT artists suffer for their art during their lifetime & only become famous after they shuffle from this mortal coil.. I MUST be good then :)
+Larry-Ann Page ... What can I say? When a photo pleases me , I release it...
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