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120 comments mostly in Russian!
That is what happened the last time I posted a Thatched house photo- You can see it here - I have absolutely no idea why it was so popular :)
This magnificent house was taken on the same day, in the hamlet of East Stratton, not far from Micheldever in Hampshire in the U.K.
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That house is gorgeous! One of the few things in U.K I love
ha good thing i used translate!
Thanks +Aleksey Levykh
LOL +Kevin Garza - The google translation Russian to English gives some pretty funny results. try copying a chunk of the comments & translating them :)
its like a dream house..which we always want.....the house is beautiful
Yes +Gary Pritchard really very strange, but fun :)
LOL +Rory Bryant Somehow I don't think it would transport too well to Alaska! I did spend forever translating things, as I like to respond personally to every question and comment that looks like it needs some response :(
nice house .. i wish i live in this home
I wish I could spend a few nights home. Looks all natural.
Very interesting.
нифига себе, надо гавайцев научить такие строить
Beautiful! Great separation. Beautiful HDR subject
That seriously looks like a massive bear-skin rug for a roof.
I love the lighting and the scene it looks beautiful and the house looks generally awesome
Great composition, my guess would be some post production but a beautiful photo non the less.
This is not just a house,it is a dream house,how can i get my eyes out of it,ever?
I love the roof. The whole setting seems warm and comfy. 
Because it looks like Darth Vader or a skull.
Thanks all - cannot respond to you all, sorry !
4 out of 42 now +Nathaniel Emm :) No as many in Russian this time.
+Nigel Boundy Yes I used a CPL (Circular Polariser) which adds a lot of contrast - it is also built from bracketed images.
+Derrick Morrow - yes it is lovingly post processed ( it it takes more than 10 minutes, I normally give up thought! LOL
It looks as if the roof is a throwp placed on a box. The bushes, clouds, and roof are all curves, while everything else is a straight line.
I LOVE England: Married and lived there extensively. Have seen & touched these cottages. ps: England is a fairy tale. Please continue
to keep her that way. Michael B.
I bet there's hella spiders living in that roof.
just want to say wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
+Scott Turner - Thanks for that --- I haven't seen Strong Bad for sooo many years! Trogdor doesn't like those "Thatched roof cottages" does he!
+Demian Flores - lots of vermin I imagine!
+Neil Howard -- the Google translation Russian to English will pretty much ALWAYS give very funny results and very often it will be absolutely impossible to understand the original message :), some of the Russian comments just can's be translated :), not by Google at least
+jacob goode - in some of the Russian comments people have mentioned the same - LOTR atmosphere :)
+Neil Howard gorgeous photos, absolutely gorgeous :D (is it HDR or not? - sorry if the question sounds silly :))
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ozner
hey i jus made one of these an d i barley kno wut tew do wit it lol so wut all do we do on here???
Kyle W
Great photo!
LOL +robert john sykes
Thanks +Victoria Dyugovsky - I noticed the funny translations LOL! - Yes, this photo is tonemapped from an HDR image created from 3 exposures through a CPL - the question is not silly! BUT , I always feelm that is someone has to ask," I wonder if this is an HDR?" then the artist has done a good job, as it is not "over processed" - The problem is that there are those who, for some unknown reason, actually hate Tonemapped HDR's - If it is not "straight out of the camera" then it is no good, ignoring the fact that modern cameras process the image anyway, inside the camera. I just take the raw data from the camera and process it in a "digital darkroom" instead :)
Because it's all billowy, from the clouds to the thatched roof to the hedges to the trees behind it. The only straight, vertical elements are the walls and chimneys. Art and nature have combined to create something perfectly picturesque.
it was like taken straight from a fairytale book..
A very original roof,
Very interesting house ..
The colors are what make this picture. Fantastic eye, beautiful photi
And where are the '120 comments mostly in Russian'?
I love the contrast between the sunlight and the grey cloud in this shot. 
why you fight against russian? G+ is independent platform... and russian spoke users are big group... maybe is fine learn other language (fyi im not russian)
I just looks like a magical place to live! It's like something you would see out of a faerie realm. :)
Frank M
It looks like it's made out of gingerbread and topped with chocolate.
i like that house its alllllllll weird
So, russians loves your pics... and not my pics. Or what was the question again?
theres were frodo baggins lives i think hahaha
No. I think its made of some kind of grass...
В РОССИИ, у нас нет крыши.
It may look attractive but these cottages are draughty and cold and the cost of periodically re-thatching the roof is prohibitively expensive
+legnaw legnaw - I don't fight against any language! I just find it amusing that all the comments on the other photo were in Russian! I have live in a a few countries, so I have been exposed to other languages a lot!
+Norene Lach The roof is made of "Thatch" which is straw tied together very tightly :) Not fur! LOL
I was just kidding though i never really have been there hahaha

klas,ya toshi gavaru poruski,but my translit is terrible
thats awsome. it remindes me of a hobbits house lol
well even if it is thatch is still cool
thats a great looking house. Its different, would have like to see what the inside looked like
sorry +robert john sykes , but I removed your post, not for reasons of censorship, but becasue it did not belong in a discussion about a photo of a thatched house. If you want to repost it you can put it in your own stream, and let me know & we can publicly discuss it there. :)
used to live a mile from there , lovely village .Northbrook arms was a nice pub !
Such a beautiful photo - thanks for sharing with us!
Joe Lay
no..its thatched lol
i saw a house like this one time after my journey through the gumdrop forest.
looks like sandylane village near where i live
A picture of a house you use to see in children's story books.
Great capture. I a liking the contrast between the dark cloud, blue sky and the sunlight on the cottage.
This type of roof could easily catch fire, i think.
such a nice house, i would love to go see it.
weird seeing what is so normal to me blowing up on the internet, but I suppose they are pretty.
+Georgi Kaua ever heard of the Great Fire of London?
This is amazing... I could so live there.
Such vivid colours, giving depth like 3D
OMG this has ended up in whats hot! Love having first comment!
hod pod
Wow beautiful 
I love it. It is so peaceful
On the practical side, the roof will last 30+ years if done correctly but thatching is a dying art so expect expense and trouble when it comes time to replace. You should also understand the listed building system in the UK before even considering a house like this. Other than that it is wonderful.
wow! If there was a Hobbit coming out of the house I would believe it without hesitate
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dddddddddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddddddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeee
i grew tha with nothing but cannabis seeds
Normally people want to live in a mansion and whatnot, but I just want to live in a simple, cute little house like this one.
Looks like a fairy tale setting! Love, love, love it!!
Wow what a cool home.. almost hard to believe its real!
chris wats your gin in game of mine craft?
like the sky but the house ... its eeeeh... beautiful pic
I want this house. But it's a little bit too shady.
It looks almost like it's an animated pictua! It looks so cool! The clouds look supper mysterious, too.
it doesnt look real but no wonder people like to look at it,it's cool!!
Just like in the story book....once upon a time...
um ok then...? I think it's a very cozy looking house, even though it has a lot of room. I would like to visit it someday... :)
This is a very stunning picture!!! :0
yes u wish jacob garrertt i live in one of those
i wish i COULD live in one of those. SIGH
WOAH! They have a roof of...of...of what is that?
cool garden wall
Breath taking capture sir! That house looks like a work of art, especially with its contrast with the stunning terrain and atmosphere! :)
kinda reminds me of shreks house for some reason? lol
I love the's like having a giant blanket covering one's roof. :)
it's popular because it looks unreal :) Everyone secretly wants to be a hobbit :P
kaash ke mera gr b easa hota
+Neil Howard About the comments I think that happened unconsciously because that houses are very similar to typical block of flats of last century in that countries ;P
thanks all - sorry I can't respond to you all individually!
This is not fake, but is 1 minute from a main road heading between Winchester & Basingstoke in Hampshire, England. There are LOTS of this sort of thatched house in this part of Hampshire :)
Dr Who's TARDIS is parked out the back on the left of the picture. I wonder what he was doing there... ;-)
Spoilsport! +Neil Howard
It was actually a temporary malfunction in the chameleon circuit caused by a tweak too far with the sonic screwdriver.
They enjoyed it when it was shared with +Doctor Who.
munju s
very fairytail house
Now I feel like I have to leave a comment in Russian...
Beautiful! I love the gorgeous thatch, the dramatic sky, and all the rich colors and textures! It's awesome!!
If I had the money I would buy a house just like this one...very nice, cosy and homely...I love thatched houses
I love the shot and the area, but the sky is never that dark in England.  It must have
been added or doctored. Michael
+michael Blawat why do you say that? That is the sky as it was overhead, and I beg to differ.. The sky is often like that under puffy clouds. I spend half my live chasing that sort of sky so I can photograph things under it. Look through my albums.. :)
This is what you call man and nature can live in harmony 
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