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Testing adding an image to a community- I find it weird that I can't add one from my albums?
This is from my Google drive, and this is Durdle door in Dorset England
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Resharing an already added photo with the community works. I also had to read another post to get it. Not really intuitive - unfortunately - but it works.
Thanks +Sven O.  :) I will have to have a play! , but it is too late for me now - I am off to bed !
Why do they tell Tales of Dragons and Things?  I would tend to agree their chances to be beyond imagination rests small, yet every once in awhile, time finds that space, where a solid thought gives one the view of Tales long lost to wonder.  Nice Photo +Neil Howard 
+Westly Shakespeares  - It is amazing how much it looks like a dinosaur (dragon?) drinking from this angle. the whole area around here is called the "Jurassic Coast" because it is full of fossils - including dinosaur bones & footprints - Now I wonder where tales of dragons game from :)
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