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Fishie in the sky
An attempt at using the #samyang 7.5mm #fishie on the OM-D E-M5 in dark skies in Herefordshire. Unfortunately there was a light haze of cloud. The light pollution is probably from Hereford. - a first attempt!  Thanks +Astrophotography Emagazine  for the opportunity!

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Winchester Great Hall
I am away at the moment and normal posting will resume soon :)

+UK Photography Community #winchester  
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Tourgis Navigation
Looking down on the 18th Century navigation marker at Fort Tourgis on Alderney from a turret on the main wall of the fort. This market is made of brick and is 2 or 3 stories tall!

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LOL. Yes +ABC Australia was just having a piece on geotag blocking (of course their iView is also geotag blocked)
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Fort Tourgis
The light of the setting Sun on the wall of Fort Tourgis, on the island of Alderney.

#alderney +UK Photography Community +Olympus +Photo Tour Global Directory™ #phototourglobaldirectory +ARCHITECTURE YESTERDAY - TOMORROW 
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Thanks twice +Bruce Davis  :)
Thanks +Greg Batten , +mukesh mistri  & +Bisbo Nian 
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Neil Howard

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This was with +Kevin Lajoie Quad copter.
Cool stuff! 
Morning sun over Winchester, taken from above the St Giles hillside to the east of the town.
Thanks to my guide +Neil Howard!
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Church in Walterstone
I am still away on the Wales/Herefordshire border. Here is a tiny church in Herefordhire.

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I try +mary g Cadigan  :)
Thanks all!
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Resharing this image of the Sun over the Gannet rocks on Alderney for #MyBeautifulEarth   learn more about this +Google  project here
More Alderney photos at
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nice photos
keep on
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What's the hurry young fella?
A juvenile snail ;)

#macrophotography #macromonday +UK Photography Community +Olympus 
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Interesting +Shelley Maxwell 
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The Bridge & the Hill
An old bridge over the river Kennet in front of Silbury Hill. The hill is man made & over 5000 years old.

#silburyhill #avebury +UK Photography Community +Olympus +HQSP Landscape #hqsplandscape +Photo Tour Global Directory™ 
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I am a mad photographer - Have camera will travel!
I am an Australian (from the Gold Coast) who is now displaced and I am now based on the tiny Channel Island of Alderney.
My work takes me all over the World, and I have my camera with me all the time.
My photos are mainly High Dynamic Range (HDR) tonemapped images, but not always. I take lots of landscapes & cityscapes
you can see my work here
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