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I can't wait until my next big tour!
My first bike tour of more than two days was this ride across the Washington section of the ACA Northern Tier a couple weeks ago.  This involved 496 miles of unsupported riding and camping, as well as a few Warm Showers and other hosted accommodations.  I hadn't camped before and was a bit paranoid about it, but this trip showed me how easy and awesome it is!

The mountains (including five passes) really weren't that hard, but my bike's gearing was much lower than stock thanks to past experience.

My first real bike tour, riding with Kyle who was raising funds for his brother's hospital bills. This took me along the North Cascades Highway (SR-20) and over five mountain passes! Total length: about 496 miles. Colle...
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Same here.
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Hells yea! I've seen my life go up and down. More recently, things seem to be happening for the worse...but...I bought a cheap bike, all a single father can afford, tinkered with it and bought some upgrades for it and a trailer for my son to fit in. But, no matter how hard my life is...riding makes it all go away. Happiness is perpetual motion 
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Seems like these might be a decent way to turn a road bike or old mountain bike with a shorter top tube into a flat bar bike.
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This luxury crank is 11-speed, too.
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It's nice how some companies are still making cranks that look good.
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oh man.. thats art..! 
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Apparently, Gevenalle/RetroShift weren't the only ones to do this sort of things.
Let us clarify one thing. These brake levers don't ratchet. They are desiged to let you install IRD's Power Ratchet thumbshifters in front of the lever. The interface will also work with Rivendell Silver and ENE Ciclo shifters. Traditional Standard pull levers. The mount sits above the lever to leave lots of room to wrap your finger around the levers. If you are tired of your STI brake/shifter levers getting banged up or jammed u...
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I asked Guitar Ted what he thought about putting Gevenalle on a mustache bar, and he thinks they'd work fine ergonomically. He's used them on Luxy bars, which really puts them on their side without issues.
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I agree. However, I've been reprimanded by some entitled cyclists for using a bell instead of my voice on the past.
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+RJ Lalumiere yup. Love the early morning walking groups coming at you chatting away. Even in daylight I've had issues.

My favorite is the dog walkers with the retractable leash. Human on one side of the MuP. Dog in another county on the other side.

Ding ding!

I hate having cyclists pass us with the verbal signal. Just get a damned bell and join the rest of the civilized world.

As for calling out 'on your left' - some people step to the left, some people actually move to the right, most people have earbuds in, and some people step to the left then turn around to look at you...

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Sharing posts publicly is generally a terrible idea.
Cables are too simple for some people. Light. Simple. Easy to understand. Easy to fix. Replacing a damaged cable, whether for brakes or shifters, is an easy job even for an inexperienced home mechanic. Can't have that, can we...
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+Timothy Stephen​, CO2 cartridges will have another use. 
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Cannondale now has a fatbike with a lefty fork.
The 120mm Habit was introduced just before Eurobike as a trail bike to fill in between their Trigger…
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But do they have a nothing pizza with left beef?
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Today I learned that Peter White used to build bicycle frames.
Frames I hope to get back to frame building one of these days. But at this time I'm not taking frame orders. Building frames is pretty hard work, and my back is not in very good shape. So for now I'm assembling bikes using Rivendell frames. I build Peter Jon White frames with the finest steel ...
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Weird to put the article up but at same time hope to start making frames again. PW being a tease.
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