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My family as Disney characters.  Awesome.

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New baby :) Camden Ray Hastings.  7 lbs 12 oz.  20 inches.  Mother and baby are happy and healthy.
Camden Ray
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I'm really enjoy using checkvist, you are adding great features very quickly.  What I feel is missing is more use cases.  How are people using Checkvist?  What are some recommend workflows?  How many lists do you have?

User Stories will not only help those of use already using Checkvist to be more effective, but attract more non-technical customers.

I like to keep my lists at a minimum.  I only split out for sharing but I'd prefer not to.

Here are my lists:
* Inbox:  This is where zapier based integrations go.  I have Jira tickets and emails tagged with "!action" going to list which I process daily.
* The List:  This is my primary list.  Everything is here.  I use sub-nodes for different areas.
* Honey Do:  This is the list my wife and I share to make sure we know what we both want done around the house.
* "Client Project" - I have a few Lists I share with clients (Free lance web developer).

I"m looking to write a more detailed blog post.

How are your lists?

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Is there a forum or examples of custom css people have used to customize the checkvist interface?  I'm trying out the pro account and would be interested to see what others have done.

I just started using checkvist and I'm really enjoying the format.  As a software engineer, a keyboard first approach is great.  I dislike using my mouse.

Have you see  It's a new app in the "list to do app" space.  Very similar to checkvist.  They don't quite have the features but they are moving very quickly.  

The feature I feel you could pull from them is the multi-pane approach.  It's a great use of space on the screen.  Basicly, you can add new panes of different list types on the screen.

After evaluating both, I did end up choosing checkvist due to a more mature feature set and the keyboard shortcuts but keep your eye on this company.

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The Official Appirio Indianapolis Book Share Program.
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