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The standard method of patching operating systems and applications is EXTREMELY inefficient. Find out how AI solves this problem Check it out for yourself and signup here:

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Managing disparate cloud deployments can be a complex, time-consuming and joyless task. But with AI, IT admins can gain control of servers that live in any cloud. Sign up for your free account at

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I've been using MightyText since it came out--and it's come a long way. I love not even needing to be near my phone to send or receive texts.

Try it out today! Setup only takes a minute!

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My parents leave for the weekend. I... 

Throw a wild party? No. 
Raid the liquor cabinet? No*. 
Cook myself a very nice surf and turf dinner? Yep.

*I raided the liquor cabinet for a bit of bourbon for my salmon glaze (Sorry Mom)
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First +Google plus post from my +Nexus 7!

Just pre-ordered my +Nexus 7!

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How many of you are waking up to realize that our President just signed an executive order to halt deportations of illegal aliens, and issue them WORK PERMITS until after the elections? 

Do you understand what just happened here? Because he is dropping fast in the polls, instead of being worried about YOUR job, the President of the United States just opened the floodgates and provided illegal aliens with additional motivation to break our laws to come to America, knowing that they will be allowed to work legally in the States. (and vote for him)

Dont you think you might have gotten at least a kiss and maybe dinner before Obama did you in your sleep? 

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To my Trekkie friends out there - Any suggestions on where I should start my adventure in learning Klingon?
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