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+Richard Arkless​​ been on a bit of a cyberpunk trip ATM, can I request some of the film's on this list. I know half if them are already there.

Strange days
True skin
Natural City

Are the main ones I'm interested in.

Also Mr Robot is back soon and I'm so hyped for that.

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Quick Game of FTL

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Developer resources! Can never have too many!

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So me (dfrag) and a few friends (Rowley, MrMadhatterz) did a thing. Sorry for background noise, neighbours don't care about us.

Yay my nexus 6p arrived! Woohoo!

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Can't believe this was six years ago, still feels like yesterday.

Happy Birthday +Richard Arkless​ from me and Vicky. Hope you have a good day!

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Any linux / Ubuntu people know about ZFS can help please let me know!

Phone upgrade time at the end of December, thinking Nexus but don't know what one. 5X or 6P? If you were going to get a new phone +Richard Arkless​ what would you go for? Did look at the new LG and One Plus.

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Part 2 of me and Badly Named Twitch take on a Volcano.
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