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31 SMM Experts Share their SMM Tips for 2015

+Adi Domocos asked some of the most well known social media experts to tell his Hot in Social Media audience what are their best social media marketing tips for 2015.

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Here are 31 social media marketing tips for 2015, from top social media experts who have a lot of experience.
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+Malone Fence Company that's an accurate observation and apparently I have a propensity for verbosity when it comes to splaining how digital content marketing works with social media marketing strategies et al ;->
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How to Increase your Social Media Presence

Have you noticed your G+ post will usually show up on page 1 for a search query when the searcher is signed into Google and they have added you to one of their G+ Circles? 

Personalized search results are influenced (in your favor) when someone has added you to a G+ Circle.

This is especially handy when your G+ post is a long-tail query and your content is such that you're likely to earn the coveted click through if everything else is in order. Try this, Search for how to use google plus to boost your social platform and notice where Rebekah's post shows up? Top of page 1 right?

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How to Use Google Plus to Boost your Overall Social Platform

The biggest benefit of Google Plus is that it’s part of Google and therefore everything that you do helps with your Google search rankings. While the overcomplicated and underused Google Authorship program may not be in play any longer, ranking higher in Google search certainly hasn’t gone out of style.

From +Rand Fishkin, “Better content will outperform more content.” Google uses social signals to decide what is “better content” by the conversations built around your content, number of people that share it, and how you engage with others about your content.

A strong Google+ presence can help more people find your content as your Google+ posts can rank in Google searches.

Read the whole article here:

If you like this article, please share outside Google+ as well. Inviting more people to join us here on Google+ creates a more vibrant and interesting community.

My monthly column for +Maximize Social Business 
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Social Media Profiles + Tools + Apps

Back in the day, I used to think it was a savvy strategy to be everywhere on the social web. That was then, this is now.

When I inspect my SumAll dashboard or drill down on GA to see my social hub metrics, its glaringly obvious the days of be everywhere was a flawed concept.

These days, LinkedIn, Google+ Twitter, SlideShare, Pinterest and FB are more than adequate to share and be shared on the social web.

The Buffer App and Friends+Me and take care my cross posting routine nicely so that I don't have to spend nearly the time it once took to curate and syndicate killer content from some of the best bloggers in the business. 

I can't and won't kick Quora, Listly or TSU to the curb like I did Ello and I've weaned myself from the be everywhere model and maybe so should you?

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Its pretty clear why you want to have a fully populated and optimized social profile on the top social networks. Posting social updates on your top socials is commonplace these days. Knowing what tools to use and how to use them is becoming more important. Social content marketing is not just for big brands anymore. SMB's must up their SMM game to stay in step and effectively compete in their niche markets. Here's my top socials, tools and apps I...
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The Circlecount Follower Map shows where I have a concentration of followers on Google+ and while this is a nice high level overview, the image map I prefer to see/use is the engagement map that comes from the +NOD3x big data feed. Followers w/out engagement is like having a hotdog bun with no hotdog.

Neil Ferree has created a follower map at Check it out!Neil Ferree says 'Social SEO Consultant to the Small Business Community' and has 33309 followers. Find out more at
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Thanks for the shout out +Neil Ferree, glad you enjoy our hotdog er engagement map :) 
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This Little Piggy Went to the Market
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Hello I
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The carbon performance methodology enables campuses to make money via greenhouse gas reductions that result from energy efficiency.
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Apple on Tuesday said it would spend $848 million over 25 years to buy 130 megawatts of electricity from a 280 MW plant - the solar industry's largest-ever corporate power purchase agreement, or PPA.

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Neil Ferree

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See and be Seen is my new Motto, especially when cruising behind an 18 wheeler up the 405 Freeway
Remember, if you can't see a truck driver's mirrors they can't see you. Always navigate with caution around big vehicles. To learn more about truck accidents visit>
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Well said +Neil Ferree 
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Having a Mobile Friendly Website Matters

We already know https will help get your site ranked higher in the search results. Now we know (hear) that a mobile friendly website will also help get your site to rank higher in the search results.

A quick visit to WMT
enter your home page URL and see if your site is mobile friendly or not?

Users don't have a lot of patience when it comes to speed. Most experts say your page should load in under <3 seconds. 

◄ Page Speed
◄ https Security
◄ Mobile Friendly

All of the above are becoming more important than ever. And don't forget, fast downloading of crappy content won't matter much ;->

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Looking good.
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Social Media Marketing | Content | SEO

◄ Are you producing engaging content?
◄ Are you producing enough content?
◄ Is your content budget adequate?
◄ Does your CEO "get it" yet?

Compliments of TLDR;

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SEO is the process of making your web site more accessible to search engines. Google's algorithmic updates the last 3-5 years ("panda" "penguin" "hummingbird") have reshaped the SEO marketing landscape permanently.
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The United States overall has seen nearly $ 400 billion in clean energy investment since 2007.

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A new report shows that on any number of metrics, progress in clean energy has really been immense.
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California Cap and Trade Program

Customers are encouraged to use this ‘climate credit’ to invest in long-term savings through energy efficiency upgrades.

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Some of the questions YOU might be asking?
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