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How to Turn Off Community Notifications

having joined ½ dozen communities • my little red notifications box kicked into over-drive with a bunch of thx for the invite so I wanted to halt the community alerts but not my plus stream alerts • maybe you want to also?
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Sure you had to use my picture for your tutorial....thanks a lot LOL:)
No Blood = No Foul +Bill Gassett and truth be told • your R.E. Community is one of the more lively communities I've added • will reset the notifications button in a few days once the dust settles and all your fans are done saying thanks!
+Neil Ferree I don't blame you at all! I have done the same on every community I have joined. I was getting absolutely bombarded!
+Neil Ferree Thank you so much for posting this. I love my communities but my phone never stops buzzing and I can't find the signal for the noise!