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Why Getting Added to a Circle on Google+ is so Important

When someone needs to retain a #personalinjury  attorney one of their concerns or questions will likely be?

How long does it take to settle my personal injury claim?

If I hadn't circled +Anthony Castelli the odds of his YouTube video he published 40 minutes ago showing up #2 SERP would be slim + none. Since I do have Tony in a Circle, his rankings is above the fold in my personal search results. If I opt to hide personal search results (ie) click the globe, the SERP's will adjust accordingly.

Key Take Away
Do everything possible you can to get your social connections to add you to a Google+ Circle and your page will rank like this one did.

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Amazing how many people still do not know this, and to be honest, it's not such a bad thing. 

I mean, think of some of the ways that we search differently +Neil Ferree  because we know this. I often times will search incognito, or I even have a dummy g mail account I use so I can turn off personal search.

Mostly these two options are for research and testing, but I do more often than you might think, use these two "other" options for my personal inquiries.
IM savvy guys like you who even know what incognito means, your point holds water
+Jason T. Wiser but to the other 99% of the world, that's geek speak and way above their pay grade, ergo the punch line remains the same, your mission is to use #CircleMagic  model to get added to your target audience Google+ Circles as fast as you can
Wow, amazing! Only took 40 minutes to rank #2 for such a competitive keyword as "personal injury attorney"
And to throw one more bit of info in the mix, Google Apps does not allow you to turn personal search on and off like gmail accounts do

[REVISED: there was a way to have your app admin set the account to either private search or not. Assuming the button still exists (though I do not see it with the new dashboard, so I am on hold with Apps exec support for the full answer... waiting...)

But if it is still there, consider the impact this has on corporate app account holders.]

Imaging I am a corporate level Insurance company, with hundreds of employees using my apps suffix. Next, I set up a Google community with my business page, make my rel=author an admin, and require all my employees to join it and circle both the page and the author. Tell them it is how they get the  PM's, HOA invites, notifications, etc. Use this community as a sort of message board if you will.

[Disable their ability to turn off personal search in Google apps if this is still possible]  
Every time they search for insurance related topics, I have an advantage in the SERPs.

Of course there is a lot more that goes into this strategy, there are holes in the way I've explained this, but you get the idea. 
I see what you mean Neil. You're right about the important of getting more G+ connections and circles.
I agree with your observation +James Faulkner getting Circled is a good thing! But all that gets you is ATF ranking. The real social business value is derived by steps 2-3-4 ;D
+Jason T. Wiser you lost me a bit with your insurance example. Is there any benefit other than as a "message board" ? Are you selling to your own employees?
And +Neil Ferree It's nice that I showed up but still a bit of vanity as the population here on google plus is a bit limited . But you illustrate a great point .
"Are you selling to your own employees" sure why not? maybe not direct sales, but offers, landing pages, videos, etc that they will hen share to their friends ans people in their circles. 

Ok think about it, they are qualified leads, they are in the same industry, they know you, etc. 

And if your industry lends itself well, aside from branding options, you could even put out information products, consulting, advanced level training.

Maybe I am getting too far into fantasy, but I choose this extreme illustration to reinforce +Neil Ferree's point about why it is so important to get people to circle you. 

I am the owner of a community that is 1500+ members. They are all niche specific. They have qualified themselves, and about 2/3rds have circled me. 
Hey +Jason T. Wiser what is your Community on G+ with 1,500 members? I need to "coattail" your IM prowess more ;D
+Anthony Castelli if you check out Rand's latest WBF you will see him explain better than I did why being in someone's circle matters (and) how by following other influencers can also influence the SERPs
Thanks +Jason T. Wiser I hit the join button to your Christians in Business Community.

For what its worth, I attended St. Anthony's from 1st to 8th grade, did my alter boy tour and only got detention when I kissed the girls and made `em cry ;D
great to have you jump in +Neil Ferree 
Some reason I have no trouble believing the detention part. haha