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You will find this #sharedcircle useful if you're looking to connect with Plussers with domain expertise in

social seo
local seo
video seo
wordpress seo
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+Neil Ferree Hi Neil... following the if you don't ask you don't get path...

If / when you update this circle - would love to be considered for inclusion - if you think relevant of course :)

Hope you had a good weekend


actually +Lee Smallwood your profile is in 2x of my "other" seo circles. SEO Prime and SEO Rand. Prime is my main SEO circle and Rand is a circle +Rand Fishkin shared not too long ago. These topic specific circles [social, local, video, wordpress] are much more "nichey" than others and of course I'd be more than happy to add you to one of these • which one in particular would you suggest?
Hi Neil - thanks :) that's really kind. Social SEO is probably the best fit


Ps, you're in 5 of my circles todate ;)