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Content Marketing System Best Practices Case Study

I'm not making any claims or implying that I have some secret method of getting Google to render multiple Rich Snippets of my Google authorship head shot but I am curious how this "exact match" query generated this freaky set of SERPs especially since I read that Google is cutting back the volume of rich snippets in their organic SERPs?

The syntax of this Google query looks like this 

The Chrome search results renders multiple rich snippets whereas the Firefox version is different and only 1 of my rich snippets shows up but a similar set of SERPs show up for the same exact match query?

Now that we can add our Google Authorship to our Scoop.it Topics and post our Scooped stories directly to our Google+ Brand Pages, I suspect this body of work of articles, videos, decks, Tweets and posts to G+ that focus on content marketing system best practices can be cloned for a other Hummingbird friendly and semantic web searchable phrases for my pals in the personal injury space?

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