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Landing Page Checklist

curating great content is a lot faster than creating new content and once you do curate + syndicate great stuff that brings eye balls to your LP what a bummer if they come + go in 3 seconds • run this chklst to improve things
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Hmmm should I plus this or just keep on heading down my stream? I am plussing:)
HaHa +Bill Gassett I need to "eat my own dog food" and see how many boxes I can "honestly" check and score outta 50?
I am afraid to hit the plus button now LOL
feel free to plus away +Bill Gassett (fyi) i didn't score a 50/50 on this check list • et vous?
Ok I am glad you will make an exception to the rule. I promise not to give you 12 pluses a day though:)