AuthorRank for Brands

BrandRank: The Author Rank for Brands?

Stop the presses! This is the post we've been waiting for. The most in-depth exploration and speculation I've seen anywhere about what Google may have planned for rel=publisher, written by our own +Mike Arnesen 

I'm so impressed by this, I sent it straight to our "Hall of Fame" category for the seminal Authorship/AuthorRank posts.

Mike wonders, " Google actually using [rel=publisher] in the same way [as rel=author]? The short answer is “no” but the longer answer is “not really, but kinda”. At the moment, Rel Publisher makes five things possible in Google.

1. It enables PPC ads to feature a brand’s Google+ page so that you get more followers on Google+.
2. It makes “Direct Connect” possible so that users can follow the brand’s Google+ page directly from the search results.
3. It allows Google to group together posts by the same publisher in order to show users additional content after they read an first post from the publisher.
4. It “gives Google information we can use to determine the relevancy of your site to a user query in Google Web Search“.
5. It allows Google to verify a connection between a brand’s site and their official Google+ page. This gives that “verified site” notation that shows up on a brand’s Google+ page."

He goes on to do some reasonable speculation about what Google may do with #5 to build a type of BrandRank system that would rank brands by topical authority, and he tells you what to do to prepare your brand for BrandRank.
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