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GPlusData • just like Google Organic • Only Page 1 Counts

find 2 or 3 thought leaders in your niche and try to match up on Plus

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Hey +Andre van Wyk I have a new Real Estate client that wants to retain us to sex up his horrid R.E. site and Social CM strategy • I need to get on your calendar for a ½ hour convo
We need recipes Neil!! Dont bogart it.... pffft ... pass that thing!

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+Michael Ehline "off the shelf" recipes are a plenty on ifttt for the rank `n file • before you hit the auto synd button tho • there's a few caveats one must consider else they will step on johnson + regret it • a custom ifttt recipe + goog reader + XXXX is what is required to do it right
Right... so do a hangout on it... give us one and get some clients.... I will hook u up big dog.

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You know, I'm always surprised at the number of page 2 (and beyond) visits I see clients get for certain queries.