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A search on GPlusData for Google+ Marketing comes back with 35 profiles

Hey +Mark Traphagen do you get the same 35 count? I wonder if my top row is the same as yours on GPlusData?
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Yeah me too • but is the total profile count = 35 only?
I thought I would recognize more names but 3 out of top 4 is just fine with me. 
+Neil Ferree a) it's dependent upon what people put in their profiles and b) none of the Gplus stat sites access anywhere near all the profiles. At best, they are a good sampling.
Thx +Mark Traphagen so if understand correctly • when I click the KW in the Occupation section of your profile on GPlusData • the # of profiles retrieved will be different depending on people I've added to my Circles that have google + marketing in their occupation tab?
Is GPlusData personalized to your Gplus account? I thought it was just aggregated data.
Dunno for sure? 35 seems like a small number all things considered.
I think it's for the reasons I mentioned above.
You're probably right + these 3rd party stat sites will become more useful (if + when) the G+ api rolls out